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Moles, Grams, Particles and Liter Calculations
Solve the following problems. Show ALL work with units and round all answers to the correct number of
significant figures. All answers must have a UNIT and FORMULA.
1. How many formula units are there in 24.0 grams of iron (III) fluoride?
Formula: _______________
#1 Answer:
2. How many formula units are there in 3.17 moles of sodium sulfate?
Formula: _______________
#2 Answer:
3. How many atoms are there in 412 grams of silver?
Formula: _______________
#3 Answer:
4. How many moles are there in 7.40 x 1023 formula units of silver nitrate?
Formula: _______________
#4 Answer:
5. How many grams are there in 3.92 x1023 formula units of copper (II) nitrate? Formula: _______________
#5 Answer:
6. Susie determines she has 9.03 x 1024 molecules of sulfur trioxide, how many liters does this gas take up.
Formula: _______________
#6 Answer:
7. Jake has 5.90 moles of carbon dioxide:
a. How many grams is this?
#7a Answer:
b. What volume would this sample of carbon dioxide occupy at STP?
#7b Answer:
8. Jenny has 36.0 liters of bromine gas (Br2), how many molecules of bromine gas does she have?
#8 Answer:
9. Avogadro gets the following data in lab:
Mass of beaker: 45.3 grams
Mass of beaker and iodine gas: 97.3 grams
a. How many moles of iodine gas does Avogadro have?
Formula: _______________
#9a Answer:
b. How many liters does the iodine gas take up?
#9b Answer: