Mole Test Review

Tin IV sulfate
 Aluminum hydroxide
 Oxygen gas
 Iron III nitrate
 Iodine
List and describe the 3 types of representative
 Define STP.
 How many ml will 4.6 moles of iron occupy.
 What is unique about most diatomic
If you have 5.12 kilograms of carbon
tetrachloride gas, what will the volume be in
centiliters at STP?
 How many particles (number and type) is
1.73 moles of Iron (III) chromate?
 How many deciliters are there in 1.75 moles
of cobalt?
 Calculate the percent composition of gallium
A compound was analyzed and found to contain
13.5 g Ca, 10.8 g O, and 0.675 g H. What is
the empirical formula of the compound?
 NutraSweet is 57.14% C, 6.16% H, 9.52% N,
and 27.18% O. Calculate the empirical formula
of NutraSweet?
 NutraSweet has a molar mass of 294.3 g/mole.
What is the molecular formula for NutraSweet?
 How many oxygen atoms are there in 8.2 grams
of copper (II) phosphate?
You have a 8.00 g sample of copper II sulfate
hydrated crystals. After heating it very hot for
several minutes, the new mass is 5.12
grams. What is the percent of water in the
original sample? What is the formula for the
hydrated crystal, including the water?
What is the percent composition of
chromium IV phosphate?
 If you have 2.4 grams of propane gas, C3H8,
at STP. How many representative particles
do you have? What is the representative
 What is the mass in kilograms of 1.2 x 1028
formula units of manganese V phosphite?
How many hydrogen atoms are there in 8
molecules of phosphoric acid?
 The chemical formula for octane is C8H18.
What is the mass of 1.2 moles of octane?
 How many moles of CO are there in 1.2 X 1023
molecules of CO?
 What is the volume in liters at STP of 1.4 moles
of sulfur trioxide gas?
The number of moles of carbon atoms in one
mole of sodium acetate?
 How many grams of oxygen will contain the
same number of atoms as 14 grams of lithium.
 How many atoms are there in one formula unit
of Aluminum acetate?