Independent Science Experiment
Integrated Science 4
 Introduction
The Independent Science Experiment is an assignment that Integrated Science students are required to
complete. Instruction during the first three semesters of Integrated Science helps to prepare students for
this assignment. The final products for the assignment will include a laboratory report, a presentation and
an oral defense, which is presented to your teacher and peers.
The goal of this project is that your prior science education and the structure provided in your
Integrated Science class will serve you well in your attempt to produce excellent work. You may choose
to work as an individual or in a pair (with someone from your class) for this assignment. If you choose to
work as a pair, recognize that the length and quality of work is expected to be higher than those working
 Procedures
1. Develop a question to study, research the variables identified in the question, design a scientific
experiment based on your research, conduct the experiment, collect and analyze data, draw
appropriate conclusions, and present your results.
Your teacher must approve your project. Any changes in your experiment must also
receive approval from your teacher.
Your question may relate to any of the following: biology, biotechnology, populations,
ecology, physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, meteorology, climatology,
electricity, impacts of natural and man-made changes on a given environment, social
science, psychology, human behavior, animal behavior, mathematics, simulations,
computer modeling, engineering, characteristics of structures and materials.
Most projects involving the use of humans, non-human vertebrates, invertebrates or
bacteria require special approval. These guidelines are available from your teacher.
2. Your project must be conducted on your own time. Large numbers of students prevents the science
department from being able to provide space, or time, to conduct your project.
3. At certain times during this semester your peers will review various aspects of your project. An
important aspect of scientific research is making time to discuss your work with your fellow scientists,
your classmates.
4. A formal lab write up will be completed in stages with a final draft of all components due upon
completion. You must use the handout titled Integrated Science Laboratory Report Format as a strict
set of guidelines (available on my website). The Laboratory Report Grading Rubric will be used to
assess the write up.
5. At the end of the semester you will provide a presentation and oral defense of your experiment to your
teacher(s) and peers.
 Independent Science Experiment Due Dates
Note: All Independent Science Experiment components must be computer processed and are due at the
beginning of the class date indicated (work emailed or printed during class is late).
Benchmark 1
 Experimental Question (How does ___ effect ___?)
 Related Background Research with Annotated Bibliography
 Design Outline
 Teacher Approval
You will have time to collect
background research in class
using laptops on Thu, 1/7 and Fri
Benchmark 2
 Draft of Materials and Procedures
 Teacher Approval
Completed on your own time.
Benchmark 3
 Title
 Introduction
 Hypothesis
 Experimental Design
Benchmark 4
 Data Tables (at least two – quantitative and/or qualitative)
 Laboratory Notebook Set-up
You will have time to work on
making your data tables and
notebook entries in class on 2/2.
Benchmark 5
 Data Collection Completed
 Laboratory Notebook Completed (with photos)
You will have until 3/15 to collect
and record your data outside of
Benchmark 6
 Data Analysis (determine appropriate statistical values)
 Graphs
You will have time to do your
Data Analysis & Graphs in class
on Tuesday, 3/15.
Benchmark 7
 Discussion
 Conclusion
 Final Draft of Bibliography
You will have time to work on
your Discussion, Conclusion &
Bibliography on Tuesday 3/22.
Final Draft of Laboratory Report
 Completed lab report in the correct format (see RHS Formal
Laboratory Format)
 Report should be typed and edited from your previous benchmark
due dates
 You will be graded on the formal lab report rubric receive last
semester (available on my website)
Have your hard copy (printed)
stapled by the beginning of
Visual Presentation and Oral Defense
 You may choose any format for your presentation (e.g. Poster,
Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides)
 You will receive a rubric for this component
Week of
You will have time to prepare
your presentation and oral
defense on Monday, 5/16.
You will have time to type your
Introduction, Hypothesis &
Experimental Design in class
using laptops on Tuesday 1/19.
Peer-edit on 2/2.
Independent Science Experiment

Intro and Due Dates