2012-2013 U.S. Fulbright Guest Lecture Topics:
(Updated: September 2012)
1. Mr. Shawn Johansen:
Chinese Host Institution: South China Normal University, Guangzhou
Home Institution: Brigham Young University, Idaho
Term: Fall
Field: American History
Email: [email protected]
A. The Perils of U.S. Constitutional Originalism.
B. Trends in American Higher Education: A Case Study
C. Why Family History is Important in American History
D. Masculinity and Fatherhood in American History
E. James Madison’s Balancing Act: Freedom vs. Authority
2. Mr. Travis Smith:
Chinese Host Institution: Northeast Normal University (Changchun)
Home Institution: Yuba College, California
Term: Year
Field: American History
Email: [email protected]
A. Chinese Immigration and Exclusion during the 19th Century.
B. U.S.-Native American Policy during the Second Half of the 19th
C. Debating Wealth in America in the Gilded Age
D. International Students: Adjustment to American Culture
E. Slavery in Antebellum America
F. Reconstruction and the Limits of Full Freedom for African
3. Ms. Mary Sue Backus:
Chinese Host University: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Home University: University of Oklahoma
Term: Year
Field: Law
E-mail: [email protected]
A. The Role of the Judge in an Adversary System
B. The American Jury System
C. The Limitations of Forensic Science Evidence
D. Rights of the American Criminal Defendant
E. Professional Responsibility or the Ethics of the American Lawyer
4. Mr. Scott Backus (Spouse of Lecturer Mary Sue Backus):
(*Please note that the Fulbright program does not provide travel
expenses for Fulbright spouses.*)
Mr. Scott Backus is an attorney registered to practice before the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office who practices in all areas of litigation
while focusing on intellectual property and communications matters.
Term: Year
Field: Law
Email: [email protected]
A. Introduction to U.S. Patent Law
B. Introduction to U.S. Patent Litigation
C. The America Invents Act Impact on U.S. Patent Law
5. Mr. Chad Flanders:
Chinese Host University: Nanjing University
Home University: St. Louis University, Missouri
Term: Full Year
Field: Law/Philosophy
E-mail: [email protected]
A. The U.S. Supreme Court, Death Penalty, and Life without Parole:
Recent Decisions.
B. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2011-2012 Term: Major Cases
C. Can the Death Penalty Be Justified? A look at the Leading
D. Why Have Elections? American Democracy and the Presidential
E. The U.S. Constitution
6. Ms. Lindsey Ehret (Spouse of Lecturer Chad Flanders):
(*Please note that the Fulbright program does not provide travel
expenses for Fulbright spouses.*)
Ms. Lindsey Ehret is a teacher and has more than 6 years experience
teaching in American secondary educational, working with curriculum
development and teaching critical thinking.
Term: Year
Field: English/Education
Email: [email protected]
A. Teaching in an American High School: Challenges and
B. Balancing Athletics and Academics
C. Cooperative Learning: What is it?
D. How to teach Critical Thinking
7. Mr. David Hannaway:
Chinese Host University: (Fall) Sichuan Agriculture University; (Spring)
Nanjing Agriculture University
Home University: Oregon State University, Corvallis
Term: Year
Field: Agriculture (Forage & Grasslands and Computer Applications)
E-mail: [email protected]
A. U.S. Grasslands
B. Oregon Forages
C. Forage Quality and Testing
D. Forage Species Suitability Modeling and Mapping using GIS
E. Alfalfa Suitability Zones for China
F. Grass Based Health: Integrating Soil, Plant, Animal, and
Human Nutrition
G. Designing and Conducting Publishable Research Projects
H. Writing and Publishing English Language Journal Papers
8. Mrs. Jane Hunter:
Chinese Host University: Sichuan University
Home University: Lewis and Clark College, Oregon
Term: Year
Field: American Studies/American History
E-mail: [email protected]
A. The Making of a President: Race, Culture and Family in the
Career of Barack Obama
B. A story of Citizen Activists, the American Economy and Two
Presidents Named Roosevelt, 1901-1945
C. A 19th Century Expedition to the American West, an Indian Girl
Guide, and the Uses of History
D. What were American Missionary Women Doing in China?
Thoughts about the Missionary Enterprise and American
Internationalism a Century Ago-and Now
E. What is it like to go to College in the United States? Liberal
Learning, Academic Integrity and Finding Your Voice.
F. Will Hillary Ever Be President? Hillary Clinton, Her Generation,
and Her Future
G. High Schools, the Changing Meaning of “Girl,” and the Origins of
New Roles for Women 1880-1920
9. Mr. Joseph Pelzman:
Chinese Host Institution: Renmin University
Home Institution: George Washington University, Washington D.C.
Term: Year
Field: International Economics and International Trade Law
Email: [email protected]
A. Russian Accession to the World Trade Organization: Implications
for the US and the Trading World
B. ‘Womb for Rent’: International Service Trade Employing Assisted
Reproduction Technologies (ARTs)
C. The Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
(TPP): Implications for US Trade Policy
D. The US-China Intellectual Property Rights Dispute
E. US-China Litigation at the WTO: The Use of Antidumping and
Countervailing Measures
F. US-China Litigation at the WTO: Will Obama’s Interagency Trade
Enforcements Center Lead to More Lawsuits Against China?
10. Mr. Clay Steinman:
Chinese Host University: Southwest University
Home University: Macalester College, Minnesota
Term: Year
Field: Film Studies/Media and Cultural Studies
E-mail: [email protected]
A. Race and Representation in the US Silent Film: Racist Production
Practices and African American Response
B. The New Capitalism and the New Culture of News in the United
C. Avatar of Monopoly: The Political Economy of Film’s Replacement
by Digital Projection in the United States
D. Reaction Shots and Political Mystification in Frank Capra’s Mr.
Smith Goes to Washington, 1939 (requires time for a screening
of the 129-minute film)
E. Semiotics and Misunderstanding in Transnational Media Culture
11. Mr. Dan Williams:
Chinese Host University: Xian International Studies University
Home University: Lyndon State College in Vermont
Term: Year
Fields: Journalism
E-mail: [email protected]
A. An Inside look at CNN
B. How to build a great student newspaper
C. American and Chinese media look at the U.S. election
D. The World is your Copy Editor: Journalism and Social Media
E. Can I Print That? American Libel Law
F. Are American Newspapers Dead?
G. Journalism and Trauma: Covering Disasters
H. Workshop: How to Write a Press Release