Lab: Testing the Acidity of Oxides
As we have discussed, metal and non-metal oxides exhibit different behaviour when reacted with water.
In this investigation, you will design a method in which you will test the acidity of metal and non-metal
You will be referencing pages 146-147 of our text book. In your lab write up, please include the
Pre-lab Questions: Answer in full sentences. ( 4 marks – 1 mark each)
Question: Please restate the given question as a “Purpose” statement ( “To determine…). ( 1 mark)
Materials: List all material you will use in the investigation. Put this in a bulleted list. (1 mark)
Method: Provide a step-by-step set of instructions recounting how the lab was carried out. Be sure to
use PAST tense. Any materials from your Materials list must be mentioned in your method. For each
metal and non-metal oxide used, be sure to include at least TWO ways in which you can identify the
acidity of the aqueous solutions produced. (4 marks)
Observations: Create an observation table to record your data. (3 marks)
Analysis: Answer each of the six questions from the “Analyze and Interpret” section of this lab. Mark
values are as given: #1 - 2 marks #2 – 1 mark
#3 – 2 marks #4 – 2 marks #5 – 2 marks
#6 – 2 marks
Conclusion: Provide a brief statement summarizing how the reaction of water with a metal oxide differs
from the reaction of water with a non-metal oxide. Reference your observations to support your
statement. (3 marks)
Error Analysis: Identify two possible errors that may have occurred in this lab. Identify ways in which
you could reduce these errors. (4 marks)
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Oxide Acidity Lab