14 mark question

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Watch the video for aggression next
week and answer the questions using
the YouTube video – Deadline Friday
Exam in two weeks time including a
full folder check
14 mark question
Advice from Mike Murray
• AQA Chief Examiner
A2 Specification – PHED 3
• Three sections –
– A – applied physiology
– B – psychology
– C – contemporary influences
• Each section:
– one compulsory 14 mark question;
– three 7 mark questions – answer two;
– 28 marks each section – total mark 84
• 14 mark questions - limited number possible?
• 7 mark questions - exemplars – past papers and
legacy PED 4 and 5 questions
• Often in 2 parts – 2 x 7 marks questions?
• Both 14 and 7 mark question tend to be in parts
• 14 mark Qu – banded m/s – similar to PHED 1
Qu 7
Identify the layout and structure of the
14 mark question so that you can
confidently explain it to others
Describe the
structure of the
Explain and apply
the key
components of
the questions
Create and
formulate your
own template to
answer these
How would you now answer this
Have a go and make a plan?
Two parts to the answer
• First part
Psychological theories – Three (Explain
Catastrophe, Drive and Inverted U Theory, why
athletes have different levels of arousal) Approx.
7 marks
• Second part
Somatic stress management techniques (Outline
any three) Approx. 7 marks
Question time (Carousel)
14 mark essay question
• Must be continuous prose
• State term and explain = 1 mark
• Need as many points as possible. Not 14 points = 14 marks
• Break elements of the question into paragraphs for answers: explain topic
area, positive and negative impact
• Psychological aspect - must name theories, cannot get marks without an
explanation of the diagram.
• Don't use terms not in specification
Second part
• Now add the content to each question using
bullet points