JMMS Committees

2015-2016 James Martin Middle School Committees
Climate and Culture
The School Culture Committee will be
responsible for increasing student moral
facilitating and student activities.
 Student recognition ceremonies
 Implementing a positive reward
 School dances
 Pep Rally’s
Impact Committee
The Media/Technology Committee will work
together to increase the media and technology
uses within the school building.
 Facilitate the summer reading program
 Assist with the purchases of software
and books
 Provide parent informational meetings
 Organize the poetry slam competition
College and Career Ready
The College and Career Ready committee works
increase student awareness of college and
career opportunities.
 Planning college tours
 Organize college week or day
 Invite guess speaker
The Hospitality Committee works together to
improve staff morale, increase teacher retention
and provide opportunities for the faculty and staff
to get together and enjoy one another.
 Recognize staff birthdays
 Organize staff quarterly celebrations
 Welcoming New Staff
 Increasing teacher retention
Families and Communities
The Families and Communities Committee works
with the business partners and Parents of James
Martin Middle School to provide opportunities for
partnerships throughout the school.
 Increase Parent participation
 Implement a parent Involvement Activity
i.e.: kickball or basketball game
 Increase business partnerships within
James Martin