Nhaân ngaøy Traùi Ñaát 22/4/2004, Toång Laõnh söï quaùn Hoa

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. People all over the country made promises to
help the environment. An estimated 20 million people across the United States took part in the
first Earth Day's demonstrations, speeches and teach-ins calling for a cleaner environment. Now
"the environment" is part of the public and political landscape. Since then, Earth Day has spread
all over the planet, promoting and honoring local efforts dedicated to the environment. Earth Day
is organized every year by more than 4,000 organizations in 168 countries.
Over the past 30 years, the observance of Earth Day has grown steadily, with more and more
people all over the world are joining together to increase awareness of the Earth and
environmental responsibility because there is increasing awareness that there are problems we
need to work on together. This is our special day to look at the planet and see what needs
Earth Day presents an ideal opportunity for everyone to become more aware of environmental
issues and to learn ways to protect and conserve our natural resources. National and local groups
are developing a multitude of activities this month that are expected to involve hundreds of
millions of people worldwide.
There are lots of easy things we can do in our own homes and neighborhoods every day to help
save our earth, air and water. Some of the activities your community can participate in to promote
Earth Day:
Hold conferences on environmental issues
Organize a Local Cleanup Project: get local citizens to pitch in and help keep their
community litter-free, clean grounds, remove invasive plants and maintain parks and
walking trails.
Promote Recycling
Have a Trash-to-Treasure sculpture competition
Organize an Environmental mural painting competition
Promote Environmental awareness among the young: Earth Day helps kids develop ecoawareness
o Organize children's activities, treats, programs and information about caring for our
earth at a local park or school. Children can make an Earth Day bracelet and a
bird feeder, take a nature walk, make a worm compost bin, plant a tree to take
home, play a recycling game, make a recycled paper flowerpot, visit with Can Guy
and Smokey Bear and enjoy music.
o Teach energy and water conservation; alternative energy options
o Promote using less-toxic chemicals in the home, office and garden
o Honor environmentally aware businesses
o Organize an environmental fair, booths and activities, hands-on education
workshops, an arts and crafts center for children, a scavenger trash hunt, with
prizes and certificates for the child who collects the most trash
Plant trees and flowers on a public street
Organize an effort to clean trash from a river or lake
So let's celebrate Earth Day by learning new ways to protect the environment together. Let's
make Earth Day every day!