"The Medicine Bag" PPT

To be able to interpret a symbol
& distinguish between flat and round &
dynamic and static characters.
Flat: not fully developed; we know only one side of the
Round: fully-developed, with many traits--bad and good-shown in the story. We feel that we know the character so
well that he or she has become a real person
Static: does not experience a basic character change during
the course of the story
Dynamic: experiences a basic change in character through
the events of the story. This change is internal and may be
sudden, but the events of the plot should make it seem
Dynamic Character: Ebenezer Scrooge, in A
Christmas Carol by Dickens, was very stingy with
his money. He worked his employees extremely
hard for little pay. After his experiences with the
ghosts that visited him, he changed his ways,
paying his employees a more than fair wage,
providing days off work, and actually giving gifts.
Static Character: In Finding Nemo, the sea
turtles would be an example of static
characters. They did not change throughout the
movie. They were always helpful.
 Round: Frodo
Baggins from
Lord of the Rings and X-Men’s
Magneto are round characters
because we know a lot about
their personalities.
 Flat: Jafar
in Aladdin and the
white rabbit in Alice… are flat
because they possess few traits:
Jafar is evil. The white rabbit is
anxious and in a hurry.
 Symbol:
• What does the medicine bag symbolize to the
Sioux culture? To Martin and Grandpa?
 Types
of Characters:
• Which type of character is Martin?
 Dynamic or Static? How do you know?
• Which type of character is Cheryl?
 Flat or Round? How do you know?
a Circle Map and write four
things you learn about Martin from
the first paragraph on page 759.
Where does he live? What is his
heritage? Does he have siblings?
In your own words, explain how the
narrator’s real great-grandfather differs
from the image of the “TV Indians.
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