Press Release
Date: 28.10.2014
GoldenTyre Dominate GetzenRodeo 2014
Jonny Walker wraps up European Extreme Enduro Cup title
GoldenTyre riders once again stamped their mark on a major Extreme Enduro
event – securing the three podium positions at GetzenRodeo 2014 took place in
area of city of Zschopau which can be rightly called the heart of German Enduro
sports. As the last major event of the European Extreme Enduro calendar a
stacked entry took to the start of the two-race, one day event, which also acted as
the final round of the Extreme Enduro European Cup. Jonny Walker wraps up
European Extreme Enduro Cup title by securing 2nd place at GetzenChamp race.
GoldenTyre, Trochtelfingen/Bientina (IT) – 28.10.2014
As expected it was KTM’s Jonny Walker and Husqvarna’s Graham Jarvis who
dominated the event. Attracting a huge crown of several thousand spectators, the twohour qualifying race got the proceedings underway with Walker securing a commanding
win. With the top 12 riders qualifying for the main race, Jonny was followed home by
team-mate Andreas Lettenbichler, Alfredo Gomez, Graham Jarvis and local favorite
Marcus Kehr.
The five-lap final saw Jonny Walker maximize his starting position and take an early
lead. But with new, longer and tougher sections added to the track it wasn’t long before
it was a two rider battle for the lead as Jarvis closed in on his younger rival. Staying out
front for the first lap, Jonny’s time at the front ended soon after.
Taking over the lead Graham Jarvis never looked back. Opening up a commanding
advantage he pulled away from all other riders to claim victory some seven minutes
ahead of walker. Looking as if he’d be able to battle with eventual winner Jarvis, Walker
was forced to stop temporarily due to cooling issues yet battled on to claim the runnerup spot.
One of the closest battles was for the final podium position between Andreas
Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gomez. Separated by little during the third and fourth laps, a
late race charge from Letti saw the KTM rider pull ahead and secure the final podium
position. Ben Hemingway and Phillip Scholz rounded out the top six.
Graham Jarvis: “Everything went really well in the main five-lap race. I tried to set off in
neutral, which wasn’t a good idea and lost a few places, but I got passed a few riders
really quickly. Then I battled my way in front of Letti and caught up with Jonny. We had
a little bit of a battle but I managed to get away. After that I didn't do a lot wrong, things
worked out great. All in all it’s be a fantastic event, with a really good track and a
massive number of spectators.”
Press Release
Date: 28.10.2014
Jonny Walker: “The plan was to get into a steady pace in the final and build on that.
But it was hard because we had a small cooling problem. I was pushing as hard as I
could, and Graham was riding really well. I was close to Graham for two laps and then
my bike got too hot and I had to stop. I pushed hard again during the last lap, but I knew
I was in a pretty safe second so it was just about making sure I got to the finish. I’m
disappointed obviously, but it’s been a great event and it’s nice to have won the
European title.”
Andreas Lettenbichler: “The morning race was great. I pushed a lot, maybe a little too
much, because I used a lot of energy. But I really enjoyed it. The main race was really
tough, but I also enjoyed it. I had a close battle with Gomez so the race seemed to go
very quickly. I knew he was very close behind me but I opened up a good gap on the
last lap to get third.”
Alfredo Gomez: “I made many mistake during both races, like crashing in the third
corner of the main race. It was very difficult for me to find the good lines. Sometimes it
comes easy, but not today. I did catch Letti during the last two laps of the main race but
on the final lap he pulled away from me. I’m a little disappointed not to finish on the
podium, especially after winning at Extreme Lagares, but this is racing. It’s been a great
event, so I’m pleased I got to race here.”
GetzenChamp Race (main event)
1. Graham Jarvis / GBR (Husqvarna) 5 laps
2. Jonny Walker / GBR (KTM)
3. Andreas Lettenbichler/ GER (KTM) +10:13:865
4. Alfredo Gomez / ES
(Husqvarna) +11:30.858
5. Ben Hemingway / GBR (Beta)
6. Phillips Scholz / GER (KTM)
Applied GoldenTyre materials at S2S Mountain Race race:
90 / 100 - 21 TT 57R
Front GT 216 AA FIM
140 / 80 - 18 TL 70R
Rear GT 216 X FIM
110 / 100 - 18 TL 64M
Rear GT 523 X
90/90-21/ 90/100-21
120 / 90 – 18
Press Release
Date: 28.10.2014
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Press Release Date: 28.10.2014 GoldenTyre Dominate