Effective: 04/2014
Questions about this form? Contact Recruitment
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HR New Hire Checklist for Staff Positions
This checklist was created to provide assistance when closing a requisition. The following documents
MUST be forwarded to HR Operations (Records) before an employee is entered into the payroll system.
UChicago Profile
Employee must sign the profile statement, which is located on UChicago Jobs.
Employment Survey
 Complete the Employment Survey which can be found at:
Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
 The form can be found online at:
 Section 1 is to be completed at the time of hire, which is the actual beginning of employment.
Additionally, the I-9 is to be completed in its entirety within three days of employment.*
 Attach the completed original I-9 form along with photocopies of supporting document(s).
 Incomplete or incorrect I-9’s will be returned to departments for correction. This may delay the
new employee being paid.
 Non-US citizens are required to complete an Alien Information Request Form (UPP 192) and
forward the original and supporting documents directly to Payroll Services. The UPP 192 form is
located at: https://adminet.uchicago.edu/adminforms/pdfs/pay_alien_tax_info_req_upp192.pdf
*Employees rehired after termination are required to complete a new I-9 form.
Policy Acknowledgement and Mandated Report Forms
IDCFS Mandated Reporter Form can be found at: http://www.state.il.us/DCFS/docs/cants22.pdf
 Policy Acknowledgement Form can be found at:
Tax Forms
 Federal W4 and State W4 withholdings should be updated via Employee Self Service.
Union Forms (if applicable)
 Union employees should be directed to the corresponding union to sign up for membership and
 For questions or assistance, please email Employee & Labor Relations at
[email protected]
Vehicle Use Acknowledgement Form (if applicable)
Employees driving a University-owned vehicle must complete the form located at:
 http://rmia.uchicago.edu/sites/rmia.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/Vehicle%20Use%20Aknowledgem
BSD Compliance Forms
• All BSD employees provide the signed authorization form and report.
• Contact BSD-HR at (773) 702-3054 to obtain the required forms.
Effective: 04/2014
Questions about this form? Contact Recruitment
[email protected]
HR New Hire Procedures for Staff Positions
Reference Checking
Applicants that are considered finalists for a position are required to have at least two
work-related reference checks conducted to determine the applicant’s appropriateness for a
position. For assistance with the reference checking process, contact Recruitment at (773)
Clerical Testing
Contact Recruitment at (773) 702-8903 to schedule an appointment for clerical testing.
New Hire Forms Deadline
All paperwork for biweekly employees should be forwarded to HR Operations no later than the
second Tuesday of the current pay period.
All paperwork for monthly employees should be forward to HR Operations no later than the
published Monthly Forms Deadline schedule.
The forms deadline schedule can be found at:
New Hire Orientation
New employees are encouraged to attend the Getting to Know UChicago new hire orientation,
held every Wednesday at 6054 S. Drexel Avenue, 1st floor. The session begins at 8:45 a.m.
and concludes by 12:00 p.m. There is an orientation at 2:00 p.m. for Local 743 Union
During orientation, the Benefits staff will provide a brief overview of the University of
Chicago benefits program and spend a portion of time answering questions about the plans.
University of Chicago ID Cards
University of Chicago identification cards can be obtained at the Identification & Privileges
Office located in the first floor lobby of the Regenstein Library. For more information, visit
All newly hired University employees in the BSD working in the Hospital need an additional
identification badge. Please contact Occupational Health at (773) 702-6757.

New Hire Checklist - The University of Chicago Human Resources