Recommended Staff New Hire Training Menu

Getting to Know UChicago
Staff New Hire Recommended Training Menu – First 12 Months
The table below shows internally offered learning opportunities that are commonly attended by staff
new hires. Please consult with your manager to determine which training is necessary for your position
before registering, and to identify additional training needs and learning opportunities appropriate to
your current or future positions.
University Administration – Financial Services
ACCTS: Cost Transfer System Module
Classroom – Computer
For individuals who need to perform interdepartmental cost transfers or journal entries in the Financial Accounting System (FAS).
BuySite Fundamentals
Classroom – Computer
Covers the fundamentals of creating and
approving requisitions in the University's online procurement system, BuySite.
eLedgers – Introduction for staff
Classroom – Computer
For individuals who need access to online
ledger account statements and account information.
ePayment Request – Requestor and Approver
Classroom – Computer
Introduction to the ePayment Request
application that is used for non-purchase
order payment requests.
GEMS – New Users
Classroom – Computer
Introduction to the GEMS Expense
Management system. It is intended for individuals responsible for creating and
submitting expense reports.
Purchasing and Payment Fundamentals
Introductory overview of University policies,
procedures and systems for purchasing and payment of goods and services.
UChicago Time for Approvers – Bi-Weekly
Classroom – Computer
Designed for supervisors and administrators
responsible for approving bi-weekly employee time within the UChicago Time system.
UChicago Time for Approvers – Students &
Temporary Employees
Classroom – Computer
Designed for supervisors and administrators
responsible for approving student and
temporary employee time within the UChicago Time system.
rev. Feb. 3.2015
Getting to Know UChicago
Human Resources (Employee Self Service)
Guides employees through the employee self components of the University’s HRIS.
Employees can view and update personal,
contact, payroll and benefits information.
Professional Development & Career Growth
Career and Learning Essentials Curriculums
Framework of suggested courses that are appropriate for those at the professional level
and those that lead others.
Dates of Scheduled Workshops
Provides a list of the titles/dates of workshops offered to plan for your professional
development throughout the year.
Catalog of Workshops
Provides a one sentence and full description of
workshops, including learning objectives.
Performance Management
Performance Management -All staff
Workshop & Computer Based Training.
Computer based version can be accessed at
Environmental Health & Safety
Fire Safety & Evacuation -All staff (Mandatory)
Workshop & Computer Based Training.
Computer based version can be accessed at
Learn about the performance management
process including performance management
elements, tools, forms, schedule, and the role
of staff and managers.
Review important fire safety and evacuation
procedures to keep yourself and others safe.
University Communications
University Communication Guidelines- All Staff Learn about the University’s communications
and identity guidelines, and why they matter. Review resources available to help you create
well-branded, effective communications.
New Employee Campus & Community Bus
Become familiar with the University’s Campus
New Employees
and its surrounding neighborhoods during a 60
Bus Tour
minute bus tour for new employees during their first few months of employment.
University History
University History
New Employees
Learn about the important events and people
that shaped the history of the University.
rev. Feb. 3.2015