COMPLETING FORM I-9 Revised March 8, 2013

Revised March 8, 2013
• A. Employee must complete Section 1 at the
time of hire, but no earlier than acceptance of
the job offer.
• B. Employer must review documents and fully
complete Section 2 within three business days
of hire:
• 1. Sections 1 and 2 must be fully completed, at the
time of hire, for persons working less than three
business days.
• C. An I-9 is not required for persons who are:
casual workers; independent contractors;
providing labor by a contractor; not physically
working in the US.
• D. If an employee cannot complete Section 1
without assistance or a translator, someone may
assist. Must read form to employee and sign as
• 1. Social Security number on I-9 is voluntary, unless it’s for
E-Verify purposes;
• 2. Email address and telephone number is voluntary.
• E. Section 2: Employer’s Review and Verification:
• 1. Enter the employee’s name from Section 1 at the top of
Section 2;
• 2. Enter the document title(s), issuing authority, document
number, and expiration date from original documents
presented by employee;
• 3. Enter the first day of employment for wages or other
• 4. Employer attests to physically examining the documents
by signing and dating;
• 5. Provide business name and address.