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What is a CSRSO?
Community Service Recognized Student Organizations (CSRSOs) provide opportunities for over 2,000
students at the University of Chicago to engage in experiential learning and service through community
service projects and programs. With over 50 active CSRSOs, there is a project or program for everyone.
Although CSRSOs have strong ties to community partners, they are self-governing student organizations.
Many focus on ways to further the work of their partner organizations through collaborative volunteering and
programming, while others have developed their own unique programs. All CSRSOs provide some direct
service to the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago campus and the city of Chicago at
If you are interested in participating in or partnering with any of the organizations below, please contact the
organization representative.
If there is a type of community service that is not currently being undertaken by one of our organizations
and you would like to start an organization, please contact us at
For more information on CSRSOs and other UCSC programs please visit:
Important Contact Information:
Crystal Coats, CSRSO Advisor
Yen-Li Thompson, CSRSO Intern
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
CSRSO Directory
Last updated: November 24, 2013
ADVOCACY ...................................................................................................... 3
ARTS................................................................................................................. 4
EDUCATION ..................................................................................................... 5
GLOBAL ......................................................................................................... 10
HEALTH .......................................................................................................... 11
URBAN DEVELOPMENT ............................................................................... 15
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
An organization devoted to knitting, crocheting, and crafting with an emphasis on community service.
We teach, hold quarterly fundraisers for local charities, go on trips to Chicago yarn stores, and meet
weekly to knit/crochet together.
Contact Rachel Markley:
Paws UChicago
Paws is geared towards getting students to volunteer hands-on at local animal shelters and partner with
community groups to raise awareness on campus about how to get involved. Visit them at
Contact Anneliese Marty:
Run For It
Run For It is a marathon-service club that exists to provide its members with both an extreme physical
challenges and the opportunity to fundraise and perform service for an organization. In addition, they
aim to educate their members about varying social justice issues in Chicago by volunteering in Hyde
Park and throughout Chicago.
Contact Diana Bojanova at
Southside Solidarity Network (SSN)
Southside Solidarity Network aims to create a vehicle through which University students can make a
substantive connection with the surrounding communities of Hyde Park and Woodlawn through projects
that include, but are not limited to, advocacy, community service, and community organizing. It also
aims to have a group in which individual research on local political, socio-cultural, and economic issues
can enter into collective dialogue and which is dedicated to disseminating this knowledge to a wider
University and community audience. Visit them at their website at
Contact Paul Kim at
Students for Correctional Reform Now (SCoRN)
The purpose of this organization is to acquaint students with the problems of the United States
correctional system through colloquia and lectures featuring experts in the field and to establish a forum
of student voices to foster discussion and awareness of pertinent issues.
Contact Carolyn Cyranac at
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
ArtShould promotes art on campus and in Hyde Park by mentoring youth in Chicago Public Schools
through afterschool programs and by hosting workshops and events on campus. Visit them at their
website at
Contact Amelia Dmowska at
Beats & Pieces
Beats & Pieces seeks to connect the University community to the surrounding area through the arts,
with a focus on multicultural expression.
Contact Jade Goodwin-Carter at
Performing Arts for Effective Civic Education (PAECE)
PAECE is a community service RSO at the University of Chicago dedicated to raising community
members' awareness of social justice and political issues through the performance arts. Performance
pieces are created by the local youth we mentor. Visit them at
Contact Safiya Johnson at
South Side Free Music Program (SSFMP)
The South Side Free Music Program (formerly known as the Woodlawn Free Music Program) is an allvolunteer organization providing free music education in schools and community centers in the
Woodlawn, Hyde Park and Washington Park neighborhoods. The program's lessons teach both an
instrument and music theory. Visit them at
Contact Arundhati Chandrasekhar at
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Early Childhood Education
ALMas is a student organization at the University of Chicago dedicated to reducing the educational and
achievement gap between young Hispanics and the average American student. It will provide an after
school pre-school literacy program that focuses on reading comprehension and that is founded upon the
most recent research on early childhood education especially as it pertains to young Hispanics. Visit
them at
Contact Marvin Espinoza-Leiva:
Elementary School
Southside Scribblers
Since 1994, Southside Scribblers strives to get kids excited about being creative, excited about writing,
and excited about creative writing. Scribblers provides supervised writing activities to children ranging
from 2nd grade to 6th grade in Hyde Park elementary schools.
Contact Hannah Fullmer at
Students Teaching at Ray School (STARS)
STARS provides one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to ESL students in grades 1-6 at William H. Ray
Elementary School. Tutors helps students with their homework, reading skills, and communication skills.
STARS meets twice a week for an hour at a time.
Contact Payal Chowdhary :
Middle School
Women and Youth Supporting Each other (WYSE)
WYSE is a national mentoring organization which works to empower young women with the information
and resources they need to make healthy, informed decisions and become leaders in their communities.
The U of C branch works at Madero Middle School in Little Village. Visit them at
Contact Rebecca Silverberg at
High School
appUP is the only organization on campus that specifically targets the college application process. Our
comprehensive year long curriculum provides a unique combination of one-on-one mentorship and
group sessions for high school students in Hyde Park. Our horizontal structure compels every mentor to
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
take greater responsibilities in curriculum development and leading initiatives. Visit them at
Contact Jongtze Lee at
The Community Change Project
The Community Change Project is a mentor based organization dedicated to working with local high
school students to inspire them to take pride in their community and make a lasting positive impact
through the development of projects in areas that interest them.
Contact Timothy Blair at
Financial Education Initiative (Moneythink)
Moneythink offers ten week financial literacy and entrepreneurship courses that focus on building critical
life skills like money management, leadership, and goal setting to urban high schools in Chicago. Visit
them at
Contact Vrushank Vora at
Rising Phoenix Debate
Rising Phoenix Debate is dedicated to connecting Chicago's high school debate teams with experienced
college coaches, providing logistical support to new teams, and organizing training sessions for students
as well as coaches.
Contact Naila Dharani at
Splash! Chicago
Splash! Chicago runs after-school and weekend programs for high school students. Their goal is to
introduce students from different walks of life to topics that are not approached in the traditional
classroom– anything from pirate history and culture to tap dancing and religious cults– in an interesting
and fun setting. Visit them at
Contact Angela LaScala-Gruenewald at
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes (WIT) seeks to level the playing field in test prep by offering free SAT and ACT prep
courses to high school students in the local community. WIT is currently working students from high
schools in the greater Chicago area and offering weekly classes on Saturday and Sunday starting at the
beginning of each academic quarter. Visit them at
Contact Claire Quang:
Multi-Level Academic Programs
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
BrightSpark aims to create opportunities for K-12 students to explore a spectrum of topics outside the
scope of the average classroom experience. They design and teach enrichment classes at local
schools with a focus on hands-on activities that kindle an excitement for learning. Visit them at
Contact Katherine Schilling:
Calvert House Tutoring
Calvert House tutors use their academic privileges to benefit elementary and high school students who
need help with their education through one-on-one tutoring in a large group setting, which fosters not
only productive tutoring sessions, but also establishes a sense of community.
Contact Jared Hinkle at
Chicago Adolescent Mentorship Program (CHAMP)
CHAMP is an organization that aims to promote value and meaningful relationships between students at
the University and younger students in the surrounding neighborhoods. The group’s goals include
mentoring, interacting with, and tutoring Chicago youth. Vist them at
Contact Nicholas Parker at
Chicago HOPES at the University of Chicago
Chicago HOPES offers students the opportunity to tutor children living in temporary shelters and in turn,
to offer these children the academic and social support they need. Through tutoring, fundraising and
social projects, HOPES hopes to foster a connection between the campus and the neighborhood.. We
are currently working with Ridgeland Daycare Center, a shelter for families who have experienced
domestic violence.
Contact Claire Shipton at
Chicago Youth Philanthropy Group (The CYPG)
The CYPG is an organization composed of students from across the University of Chicago. We
combine a passion for improving people's lives with a determination to right the socio-economic wrongs
imposed on South Side residents. By organizing high schoolers through a representative and
democratic body of students, we facilitate their potential for philanthropic works. We also work to
acquire funds which this body of students decides how to appropriate.
Contact Joseph LoCascio at
Comer Tutors
Comer Tutors seeks to organize and train tutors who will provide academic services to in-patients at the
University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. The goal is to promote learning and to help complete
homework while the patients are unable to attend school.
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Contact Stephanie Grach:
Friends of Washington Park Youth Program
Friends of Washington Park is partnered with the city-wide Chicago Youth Programs to offer homework
assistance programs and academic enrichment packages to youth from the neighboring Washington
Contact Maryann Tamrazi:
As the Law School's premier community service organization, we run two mentoring programs for local
middle and high school students, in addition to tutoring Kenwood students and helping them prepare
Gates Scholarship applications.
Contact Mary Megan Stephens at
Opportunities Through Operating Systems (OTOS)
OTOS’s mission is to assist local and international communities in overcoming the digital divide. They
aim to teach computer skills along with the English language throughout the year in neighborhoods
around Chicago and over the summer in Guatemala. Visit them at
Contact Emily Chen at
Students for Educational Equity (SEE)
Students for Educational Equity is an on-campus organization partnered with Teach For America
dedicated to having a major impact on the problem of educational inequality. They are committed to
closing the achievement gap through collective action, engagement with the issues at hand, and
community to local schools.
Contact Rachael Nass at
South Side Science Scholars (S4)
Believing that human life may be enriched through the growth and dissemination of knowledge, this
group is committed to developing, creating, and delivering a sustainable afterschool science curriculum
to under-served Chicago elementary schools, particularly those of the South Side. We aspire to
positively impact children s scientific thinking, elements of health education, communication skills, and
overall school preparedness through hands-on activities.
Contact Jennifer Ghandhi at
Students Embracing Newfound Diversity (SEND)
SEND is an organization that is dedicated to sharing the rich cultural resources on campus with the
larger community. Specifically, members engage with local adolescents by providing them with
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
enrichment opportunities, such as attendance at UChicago’s artistic events and roundtable discussions
that foster cross-cultural understanding."
Contact Benjamin Lusamba at
Strive Tutoring
Strive Tutoring connects University of Chicago volunteers with local students in need of academic help.
Tutors have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact by providing high-quality one-on-one tutoring,
developing enrichment activities, and forging relationships with young scholars.
Contact Shirley Yan at
Woodlawn After School Kids Program (WASKP)
The Woodlawn After School Kids Program tutors local K-6 students once each week throughout the
school year and aims to provide a safe environment for academic growth. WASKP also organizes field
trips for the kids to movies, museums, and the Midway ice skating rink as well as Summer Breeze.
Contact Ezra Karger:
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
China Care Club
University of Chicago China Care Club supports orphans in China—as well as families living in the
United States who have adopted from China—primarily through education, care, and interaction. Visit
them at
Contact Donna Guo at
Global Water Brigades
Global Water Brigades assists in designing and implementing water systems to prevent communicable
illnesses in communities in Honduras. They aim to empower underdeveloped communities to access
sufficient clean water through infrastructural development, water treatment, community leader training,
and education. Visit them at
Contact Bella Rowe at
Partnership for the Advancement of Refugee Rights (PARR)
PARR is an advocacy, awareness, and community service RSO that works with refugees in and around
the Chicago area and all the policy issues that surround refugee work.
Contact Elizabeth Clark at
Rotaract Club
Rotaract Club UChicago is a community service club sponsored by Rotary/One Chicago. We focus on
three main themes: fundraising for international causes, service within our community, and making
professional and personal connections with Rotary.
Contact Yuting Shao:
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP)
ASAP strives to educate students on the effects of commonly-abused drugs on different organs systems
of the human body, such as lungs, brain, heart, and liver. ASAP hopes to help students make more
educated decisions regarding the use of substances.
Contact Jacqueline Meadow at
American Red Cross Club of the University of Chicago (ARCUC)
The American Red Cross at the University of Chicago (ARCUC) supports the cause of the American
Red Cross and their charter. The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides relief
to victims of disasters, supports America’s military families, supplies 40% of blood and blood products in
the country, conducts health and safety classes, and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to
emergencies. In addition, this collegiate chapter develops and offers services that address critical
human, health, and safety needs of the communities which it serves.
Contact Hae-In Kim at or Arlene Wang at
Colleges Against Cancer
American Cancer Society: Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students,
faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by volunteering for, initiating and supporting programs
of the American Cancer Society in college communities. Examples of such programs include, but are
not limited to: Relay for Life, Daffodil Days, survivorship programs, advocacy measures, and more. Visit
them at
Contact Rishabh Agarwal at
Community Health Initiative
Community Health Initiative provides medical care and educational and community services to residents
of the Maria Shelter, a shelter for women in the Englewood community, and patients at the Community
Health Clinic.
Contact Julia Mhlaba:
Diabetes Prevention Management
Diabetes Prevention Management is a group that does glucose screening and community health fairs in
order to promote diabetes education all around Chicago.
Contact Oluseyi Fayanju at
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
GlobeMed at the University of Chicago works toward global health equity. We partner with ASPAT-Peru
to advocate for high quality tuberculosis care and education. We spread awareness about global health
through panel discussions and community events. Visit them at .
Contact Elena Hadjimichael at
Health Leads
Health Leads, a national nonprofit organization, mobilizes University of Chicago volunteers to connect
patients and their families with the basic resources they need to be healthy. As a result, Health leads
aim to create a pipeline of new leaders with the skills and experience to change the healthcare system.
Visit them at
Contact Anisha Ganguly:
Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)
HPREP members serve as mentors and friends to minority high school students. These high school
students come from schools throughout the area to the University of Chicago campus once a month
where they participate in a variety of lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities with the goal of
giving insight into the life as a health professional as well as an opportunity to connect with medical
students and physicians.
Contact Julia Mhlaba at
Journeying Out to Underserved Regions of the Nation and Engaging in
Effective Service (JOURNEES)
JOURNEES seeks to expose medical students to the healthcare needs of diverse patient populations
beyond that of the University of Chicago Medical Center through direct service-learning experience,
culminating in a winter break trip.
Contact Katlynn Adkins at
MEDLIFE is a community service organization focused on raising local and global health awareness in
the University of Chicago community through fundraising and organization of mobile clinics &
development projects in Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, and India. Visit them at
Contact Alyssa Skar at
On a Mission for Nutrition
On a Mission for Nutrition implements an after-school nutrition program to improve the nutrition
knowledge of children and adolescents in the South Side communities and to empower them to make
healthy choices.
Contact Hila Calev:
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Pediatric Health and Wellness Initiative
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide free medical care to uninsured or underinsured
pediatric patients from underserved Southside communities. Current services:
vaccinations/immunizations, sports physicals, lead testing, diabetes screens. Visit them at
Contact Christopher Flanagan at
Peer Health Exchange
Peer Health Exchange gives teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions.
We do this by training college student volunteers to teach a comprehensive, fact-based health education
curriculum in Chicago Public Schools. Visit them at
Contact Laura Ransin:
REMEDY is a student-run, philanthropic organization that aims to promote medical education, global
health, and international service. We plan annual medical service trips abroad and donate funds to
clinics that aid underserved populations. Visit them at
Contact Gabrielle Liu:
Strive Health Mentoring
Strive Health Mentoring provides intensive one-on-one academic tutoring, mentoring, peer support, and
disease management education to minority teenagers in Chicago living with sickle cell disease. Visit
them at
Contact Shirley Yan at
Team HBV at the University of Chicago
UChicago Team HBV Collegiate Chapter implements campus and community outreach by raising
awareness of healthcare, health campaigns, screenings, research, internships, and work implementing
global outreach in relation to hepatitis B (HBV). Through targeted educational outreach, we dispel
stigma and alert at-risk people to opportunities for prevention. Through advocacy, we raise awareness
of this health disparity among members of the public, policy-makers, and future leaders. Working in
partnership with other community-based organizations and health care providers in the Midwest, Team
HBV also aims to provide culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services to increase the
quality of community health. Visit them at
Contact Grace Park:
Tea Time and Sex Chats
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Tea Time and Sex Chats addresses a need for comprehensive peer education that does not just treat
sexuality as a battleground against pregnancy or disease. While we recognize that pregnancy and STIs
are important topics, we also believe in talking about joy, pleasure, intimacy, freedom, and
experimentation! Sexuality should be a positive, healthy experience, and we strive to talk about all
facets of it. We're here to answer all of the questions you never knew you had. Visit them at
Contact Sarah Zeichner at
United Against Infectious Diseases (UAID)
UAID is a student-run non-profit whose goal is to expose students to the fight against infectious
diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and other at a local, national, and international level. Visit them at
Contact Changtai Tian at
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed community service fraternity. Our cardinal principals are
leadership, friendship, and service. We participate in a mix of social and service events throughout the
city. Visit them at
Contact Morgan Clark at
Calvert Circle (The Homeless Food Run Project)
The Homeless Food Run aims to provide the Undergraduate and Graduate student community with a
means of engaging in service while providing regular meals to Chicago's downtown homeless
population. The program facilitates weekly "runs" downtown where bagged meals are distributed to
Chicago's homeless, thus stressing community action.
Contact Prasan Srinivasan at
Habitat for Humanity
Our purpose is to raise awareness for housing issues and to provide opportunities for students to
contribute directly to the affordable housing cause. We organize build trips to housing affiliates every
weekend, and we also organize larger scale domestic trips. Visit them at
Contact Sherry Cao at
Scouts at the University of Chicago
Scouts creates a community of students, staff, and faculty who were and are involved in the Scouting
movement in the US or internationally. This community will primarily be a venue to provide community
service to Hyde Park by providing volunteer resources to Scout troops and civic needs.
Contact Adil Tobaa at
Spring Break of Service
Spring Break of Service is a group organized by and for those graduate students interested in providing
legal services as part of a weeklong volunteer opportunity over spring break. In the past, Spring Break of
Service has sent students to Biloxi, MS to provide volunteer legal services in collaboration with the
Mississippi Center for Justice ("MCJ"), the largest public interest law firm in Mississippi. Last year
(2012), Spring Break of Service continued to send students to MCJ, but also sent a number of students
to the Orleans Public Defenders ("OPD"), the office tasked to provide indigent defense in New Orleans,
LA. Visit them at
Contact Sarah Kang at
5525 S. Ellis Ave, Suite 160
Chicago, Illinois 60637