LCEC July Newsletter
"I look at this as the scientific method. Let's be comfortable feeling like we
can step out on a limb and try something and fail, and we know that it's
-Brian Squire, Elementary Program Manager
Is every child ready for school?
Our 2014 School Supplies Drive is underway!
For more than a decade, we have partnered with generous neighbors to
purchase school supplies for children who might not otherwise have them.
This month adult and youth volunteers will support the drive by signing
up students, collecting donations, packing items, and distributing bags of
school supplies for more than 120 youth in our area.
Please help us ensure our students are ready for school by making a
donation or dropping off new school supplies to the LCEC.
Donations can be made in one of three ways:
1. Donate online - under "comments" type "school supply drive"
2. Send in a donation to the LCEC - Please include "school supply drive" in
the memo line
3. Drop off new supplies at the LCEC between 9:00am and 5:00pm
through August 8th
Questions? Contact Cristina at [email protected] or 608-833-4979
2014 Harvest Celebration
Celebrating Our Story - 35 Years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Thursday October 16th, 2014
6pm - 8pm
Lussier Community Education Center
55 S. Gammon Rd, Madison, WI
35 years ago, residents in Wexford Ridge came together to care for each other and
their community. Their legacies form the roots that anchor the Lussier Community
Education Center's work today.
Join us as we celebrate their stories and the hundreds of people from all walks of life
who continue to grow our Center into a vibrant and innovative force for learning and
Interested in sponsoring this event? Discover your options by downloading
our sponsor packet or contact Nina at [email protected] or (608) 8334979 ext. 207.
To RSVP, email [email protected] or call Remy at 608-833-4979 ext.
Summer Camp in full swing!
Each morning at 9:00 the Wexford Commons bustles with excitement as youth
gather for LCEC summer camp. Whether it's elementary schoolers lining up
to walk over to Memorial High School for swimming lessons, middle
schoolers heading off to learn about robotics with UW Badger Bots, or high
schoolers excited about visiting historically black colleges in Atlanta, the
LCEC summer camp is building lasting memories, day by activity-filled day.
Thank you to the Rotary Club of Madison West for their continued support of
Free LCEC Summer Camps and to all our friends, volunteers and supporters
whose generosity makes it possible year after year! We truly couldn't do it
without you - a full 50% of funding for our Summer Camps comes from
individuals like you. Together, let's continue making a difference for children
in our community by giving them opportunities and experiences they'll
remember for a lifetime.
It is not too late to give a child a summer to remember. Stop by the front
desk to donate today!
Staff Spotlight: Brian Squire
Brian Squire joined our team as the Elementary Program Manager this June and hit
the ground running with Summer Camp! We sat down with Brian on a busy
afternoon to learn more about his past, present, and future in youth work, and what
drew him to the LCEC.
How did you start working with kids?
In my sophomore year at UW Madison, I volunteered at WI Youth Company
for a class. I asked to be paired with a student who had ADHD, because I
have ADHD and I thought it would be a good pair for me - I could pass on
some of the things I've learned about how to deal with it.
I was paired with a 4th grade boy who was having a really hard time making
friends. As soon as he started losing a game like Candyland, he would knock
it off onto the floor and ruin it for everyone. So we started a cooking club
together - he was my sous chef, and he would help me plan the meals, and he
would be in charge of giving out jobs each week. It helped because the kids
got to see him in a successful role, versus always being frustrated, or always
being angry.
Did he still have blow-ups? Yes, but there were less of them, and the kids
started to play with him more. I joined the staff there at Thoreau Elementary
in 1996, and I've been working with kids ever since.
What's new about Lussier for you?
I like that here at LCEC, it's about the community, and not just the program.
I'm used to being in afterschool programs where the school makes up the
world.The world here is not just these kids, it's senior lunches, and yoga, and all of
the other things that are happening. For me now, it's about trying to learn how
we can give to those programs, and what they can give to us. For example,
how can we relate more with the senior lunches when they're here? What can
that partnership look like?
Looking beyond that, one of the big things that I want to do is develop more
partnerships in our neighborhood and our community. The Madison
Christian Community garden [where LCEC elementary Summer Camp kids
learn to garden] is amazing - it's a great opportunity for the kids that's already
built in. I'd like to see more opportunities like that during the summer, for
kids to choose things that they're interested in.
What is your approach to youth work?
My goal is to provide children with a safe place to make mistakes and learn
from them. I look at this as the scientific method. Let's be comfortable feeling
like we can step out on a limb and try something and fail, and we know that
it's okay. The mistakes here are pretty safe. They're within our walls and
within our sight. They can learn about peer pressure now, so that ten years
from now if they're asked to get in a car with someone who has been
drinking, they think "I know the right choice. I remember what I've learned,
and this isn't the safe thing for me to do."
LCEC on Television: Take a look at this two-minute video about our
Center that aired on CW-57 Madison!
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LCEC July Newsletter