Using Primary Search

Using Primary Search
by Kate Zaleski
Learning About the Government
Class Code:
1. Select and circle a branch of the United States government used for your search:
2. Create a query for your search : __________________________________
Using the search box, type your query and conduct a search.
View the search results and refine the search by selecting "Magazines" as your Source Type. Look for results from publications such as Scholastic for Kids, Time for Kids,
Kids Discover, Appleseeds and Junior Scholastic. Select and read an article to determine if it contains the information you are seeking.
Write the name of the publication in which the article appears.
4. Write the title of the article .
Title of article_____________________________________________
Read the article selected from your search results. Using the article, write one fact about the branch of government you have
researched. Remember to use complete sentences:
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