Worship Arts and Music -WAM Wednesday

Worship Arts and Music -WAM Wednesday
Beginning 9/12/2012--From 6:30pm-7:15pm
After potluck’
Ages 5-13
We will be concentrating on Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
with performances occurring at church on Sundays prior to those
Each family receives one practice CD and lyrics—older kids who can sight
read will be given sheet music.
Provide your children with a notebook or folder for their music please. It
will be handed out next week on 9/19.
I have assistance from various talented folks and we will incorporate
music, dance, art and musicianship into our 45 minutes but it means you
have to help your kids practice their music! It is important to have it
memorized as soon as possible.—But honestly, it’s pretty easy and there
are some really fun pieces!
Any questions? Call me!
Iris Wellman
Sign your kids up below and return to Iris
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