Grade 4 News of The Week
A Peek at Our Week! Week 13 (14th – 18th November 2011)
This week our focus was subtraction and addition of fractions and solving Word Problems
involving addition and subtraction of fractions. Please remind your child to seek help if they are
unsure of these concepts and skills.
Language Arts:
Students brainstormed a time when they were caught in weather that made
them have to change their plans in small groups followed by writing in their journals in detail using
weather words to describe the event. These stories will be edited and published next week.
Unit of Work:
We are continuing with our UoW ‘Weather and Climate’. The students were
asked to choose a part of the world and to do a 30 second weather report on. This was most
interesting as they had to research a specific weather and prepare a written weather forecast.
They then had the opportunity to be Weatherman or weathergirl or weather forecaster and
present weather forecasting.
4MTo Student Reflection
Our unit is weather and climate. We decided to
to do 4MTO weather report. We worked in
pairs, researched different types of weather,
watched YouTube websites and prepared a
weather report. We only had 30 seconds to one
minute to be on TV!
By Julia and Mina
AGr Student Reflection
4AGr students also began writing their
own weather forecasts and next week
will be filmed delivering their weather
report in the style of a television
weather reporter. Below is a sample of
Tom Curtis-Evan’s weather report.
Good morning people of England! I’m Tom CEvans and this is today’s weather forecast. First of
all there will be a thunder storm in the southern
part of England during the morning and sunny in
the north. There will be light snow during the
afternoon and heavy snow during the night so
look forward to building those snowmen
KHa Class Reflection
This week we researched weather forecasts
from around the world. We produced our own
weather report using resources such as
YouTube, websites, books and internet to access
information. We have been filming our own
weather broadcasts using a program called News
Maker. So stay tuned for further weather
updates! By Andrea, Christina and Nicole.
Upcoming Events/Reminders
A reminder that Grade Four’s swimming
continues each Friday until Friday 2nd
Math folders
Your child’s Math folder was sent home this
week for you to view their current Unit Reviews.
Could you please ensure that it is signed and
return to school by Monday.
Please send two plastic bottles with your child
to school next week. Thank you.