Chapter 5 - Donna Independent School District

Chapter 5
Preparation Programs for
Customer Service
“I Want Breakfast”
• Video- Falling Down, starring
Michael Douglas
• How does it tie to campus or
• Share
• Preparation programs for school
personnel do not include training to
think of the people we serve in our
schools as our customers.
“If we want our school employees to
practice good customer service, we
must train them.” React to this
statement concerning customer
Do you have the courage to
tackle poor service within your
school or district?
Do you have a choice?
The 5 Cs
• The 5 Cs make up the profile of great customer
– Commitment- first a state of mind- to have the
desire to serve
– Competence - knowledge of the organization
– Cheerful - confidence and a can-do attitude
– Creativity - finding better ways to serve to meet the
exact needs of customers
– Caring - Making customers realize you care about
their time, problems, and their desires. Find ways to
deliver even when difficult. Show concern for them
as individuals.
• Video: Johnny the Bagger: A True
Story of Customer Service
• Discuss and share
• In your groups discuss three areas in
which you need to begin your
training with your staff. Use the
index card to record your responses.
• Share
• The good news is that it’s all
teachable! And we are all in the
teaching business.