March 17, 2013
Two Steps Forward in Faith
Weekly Collection
Weekly Offertory – March 10, 2013
Catholic Relief Services (2nd Collection March 10)
Electronic Donations this week:
Pray for our Sick
Please contact the parish office if a name needs to be added. We will
clear the list every six weeks. Karl Collins, Helen and Jack Daily,
Claire Krissinger, Bob Gustufson, Peter Antonelli, Celia Polek, Tom
Ragno, Gussie O'Brien, Ginger Morris, Helene Brocious, Mel Fortin,
Jason Martin, Linda Martin, Eileen Olliff, Hudson Powell, Jack and
Sallie Brand, Eugene and Beverly Waugh, Harry Raith, Gustavo
daRoza, Joe and Cassie Gay, Keri Olmstead, Don Sitsaukas, Frannie
O’Brien, Bobby Babot, Don Wilson, Sue Holt, Joseph Rebello, Madison
Morgan, Russ Trio, Mary Ann Paul, Liz Sullivan, Carolyn Strozzo, Gerry
Gantt Sr., Jo Chester, Barbara Travers, Ken Miller, Ronnie Smith Vance
and Bonnie Knight, Charlotte Schlossel Peggy Garvin, Walt Mitchell,
and Margie Rouse. If someone needs to be added to the list for
Communion Ministry to the Homebound, please contact Dr. James
Stephens at 489-7025.
For those in the Military
Nicholas Stenftenagel, Sean Sullivan, Brian Sullivan, Matthew Woods,
Matthew Robbins, Clint Mixon, Lance Rewis, Chris Mock, Anthony Mullen,
Kevin Tyler, Jeremiah Jones, Trevor Alderman, Sean Limbach, and Sarah
This Week at St. Matthew’s
Mass Intention:
Mar. 17
8 am
10:30 am
8 am – Pro Populo
10:30 am
Bapt. Anniv. –
12:10 pm Mass
+Speed Thompson
Bapt. Anniv. –
+Kenneth Grosse
Bapt. Anniv. –
Mar. 18
Mar. 19
Mar. 20
Mar. 21
Mar. 22
Mar. 23
12:10 pm Mass
RCIA – 6 pm
Adoration at 8 pm
Holy Hour 4:30 pm
Confessions 5 pm
Rosary 5 pm
Mass 5:30 pm
Potluck &
Teaching 6 pm
12:10 pm Mass
12:10 pm Mass
Stations of the
Cross 11:30 am and
6 pm
Confessions 4-5 pm
Spanish Mass 5 pm
K of C Chalice Program for
Priestly Vocations
Please sign up for our Knights of Columbus
Chalice Program. Take the chalice home and
pray for priestly vocations with your family. The
Brian Fitzgerald family took the chalice at the
10:30 am Mass today. The family will take the
chalice next Sunday at the 10:30 am Mass.
Bible Studies
11 am on Thursdays (Feb. 14 – Apr. 4)
with Fr. Tom Nellis. 9 am on Sundays with
Deacon John O’Malley
Save the Dates!
Confirmation – May 15, 2013 at 7 pm
VBS – June 10-14, 2013
Silver LInings
St. Matthew’s will be staffing the Silver
Linings Alzheimer’s support group on
March 23rd, 10 am until 2 pm at First
Presbyterian Church on Fair Road.
Contact Mark Yocco at 481-1067 for more
Savannah Diocesan CCW
74th Annual Convention
"Faith: An Invitation to Serve"
St. Teresa of Avila Church, Grovetown, GA
April 25 - 28, 2013
Church League Softball
+Rev Thomas J.
+ Rev. Robert J.
Bapt. Anniv. –
Richard N. Whalen
Bapt. Anniv. –
+ Michael Rusnock
Bapt Anniv. –
Men and women (including college
students) who are interested in
participating in church league softball
this spring are asked to contact Matt
Hodnicki at 531-2300 or Jon Sheppard
at 541-2833.
Please DONATE items for the
Saint Matthews Garage Sale
Furniture – Clothing – Miscellaneous
Call Howard Taylor at 912-225-4174 or
Steve Price at 912-687-6291 for pick up.
No 5 pm Sunday Masses
on March 17, 24, and 31
due to GSU Spring Break
and Easter!
Wednesday Parish Nites
4:30 pm – Holy Hour begins
5:00 pm – Rosary
5:00 pm – Confessions Available
5:30 pm – Mass
6:00 pm – Potluck and Teaching
Hosting schedule:
March 13 – St. Teresa of Avila
March 20 – St. Frances Cabrini
Palm Sunday March 24th
The Catholic Eagles will be presenting the
Passion Play on Palm Sunday at all the
weekend Masses. Feel free to invite family
and friends to this very moving
dramatization of the Lord’s crucifixion and
death. Small children should be prepared
in advance by their parents, as the play
can seem very real.
Holy Week Schedule
Holy Thursday
Mass of the Lord’s Supper; washing of
feet – 7 pm
Eucharistic Adoration in the Fr. Robert
Girardeau Parish Center after Mass until
Good Friday
Stations of the Cross – 11:30 am & 3:00 pm
Confessions – 3 pm
Altar Server Practice – 6 pm
Good Friday Service – 7 pm
Easter Vigil
Practice for Candidates and
Catechumens – 9 am
Altar Server Practice – 10 am
Church decorating – 11 am
Easter Vigil – 8 pm
Easter Sunday Masses
8 am and 10:30 am, 12 pm Spanish
Bishop’s Annual Appeal
Today is BAA Appeal Sunday. We will
be giving those who have not yet made
their pledge to the BAA an opportunity
to do so today. If you are not able to
make a pledge, please consider a onetime gift. “Help Shepherd the Flock”
Each one of us is Christ to all we meet.
If you prefer to give electronically,
please visit the Diocesan website at:
Parish Life
Please pray for our engaged couples:
John Dempsey & Shannon Brownlee
May 11, 2013
Anthony Rainey & Sarah O’Malley
May 25, 2013
Jacob Pride and Caitlin Mulcahy
May 25, 2013
Kyle Rehm & Lacey Dickey
June 8 2013
Michael Early & Mandy Kadlec
June 28, 2013
Joseph Hermann & Allyson Rhodes
October 4, 2014
Please pray for those who
are preparing to enter the
Church this Easter:
Catechumens: Michael James Early
and Esperanza Williams
Candidates: Claudio Baltazar Peña,
Sebastián Baltazar Peña, Rob Cannady,
Perla Ruby Flores, Antonio Hernández,
Lorenzo Leonardo, Flor Lizbeth Melgar,
Víctor Montora Cabañas, Mary
Schwager, and Vince Schwager.
Plan Ahead:
Parish Nite Schedule
March 20 – St. Frances Cabrini
No Parish nite on March 27 – Holy Week
Stations of the Cross: Fridays of Lent:
11:30 am and 6 pm
March 17 – Bishop’s Annual Appeal Sunday
March 17 – No 5 pm Mass
March 18 – Knight of Columbus Meeting – 7 pm
March 24 – Palm Sunday Passion Play
No 5 pm Mass
March 25 – PCCW Meeting 7 pm
2nd Collection Good Friday – March 29
2nd Collection Priests’ Retirement – March 31

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