God is everlasting though time, Part 2
Time, a natural necessity in the order of sequence
Arminian Wesleyans, although they see the error in Calvinism still fall victim to the false
doctrine of Omniscience believing it must include knowledge, but man still has freewill which
is illogical. The false teaching of the Omniscience "outside of time knowing the future" come
from the Greek philosophy of Plato. Much of Augustine's heresies came from Platonism even
though he studied under Manichaeism for 10 years which taught basically the same mystical
beliefs as did Plato. Even the concept of evolution is a Grecian superstitious belief from 2500
years ago from the Greek God Hermes, (the god of wisdom). It’s not a new theory. Ever
wonder why "academia" names the study of the bible "Hermeneutics"? It was named after
"Hermes" the god of wisdom. Truth is stranger than fiction.
The evolution myth traveled through Pythagoras, to Thales, to Anaximander, to Xenophanes, to
Archelaus, to Empedocles, to Plato, and to Aristotle. Historians Josephus, Philo, and also later
on Eusebius of Caesarea were deeply influenced by Greek philosophers. Mixing Grecian fables
with the bible, this was how the Nephilim Myth got it origins. The Greek & Persian superstitions
came to them via Hindu Mysticism, out of Egyptian creation worship, which was derived from
Nimrodism. .
Augustine was schooled by Ambrose to interpret the scriptures in light of Plato for correct
understanding, (confessions of Augustine). Augustine himself believed in evolution and said
that we must understand the events of Geneses based on what new scientific discoveries are
being made and then adjusted for, otherwise the world will perceive us to be crazy
The church has imported from millennia the false concept that God exists outside of time and
that He created time along with the creation itself. This lines up with the philosophies
about false Greek gods who were far removed from mankind. It is also where we get the false
religion of Deism. However, our God is not like this at all. He is shown to be "patient" and lives
through time with His creation, suffering the pain of it all the more we rebel against Him. He is
even said to be "patient" and LONG-SUFFERING in the bible. These are not attributes of being
outside of time. If we escape the false teachings of the Greek philosophers regarding time, we
will stop allowing it to taint our understanding of the nature of God. Time is not a "thing" to be
created but a very linier necessity for sequence…
Einstein, who was very superstitious, "all things are relevant" nonsense, treated time as a
physical object that can "warp", "dilate", and be traveled through both forward and backward.
These are all Star Trek ferry-tales. Time is not a "thing" nor is it a "creation". It is linear only and
is merely the observance of the series of events through the reconstruction of molecular
matter within a living soul's perception. Time is a pre-requisite for its own creation and a
LOGICAL necessity of sequence. Thoughts cannot exist outside of time and sequence. In other
words......time would have to exist in order for there to be a "point in time" for it to come into
existence. To the human mind eternal time is impossible to comprehend. Therefore, God in His
infinite wisdom and knowledge through His omnipotence, desired to create freewill beings. The
future actions of free will beings is not part of a creation that can be known because the actions
are moment by moment created by the free will creatures themselves, and God cannot
circumvent man’s freewill choice. “IE” the nature pf reality. Notwithstanding, God does
intervene when He sees fit to do so, and He is all knowing of all things that are knowable. Not a
bird falls from the sky that He is not aware of. He knows every thought of every person on
earth. God knows the things that He determines to make happen and that's what prophecy is.
But because man has freewill and can change the course of Gods' decisions in handling certain
matters, the future is partially open and unknown. It was determined ever since Geneses 3-15
(from the foundation of the world) that God would become flesh and dwelt among men for the
purpose of destroying the works of the devil. Pryor to that time it was not necessary and
neither in the plans of God. However, He changed His mind and acted upon the freewill choice
of Satan and mankind for the good of those that should love Him. The crucifixion proves this
undoubtedly. It is a point in history where the WORD took on a human nature and dwelt among
men/women. Did the Son of God always have a human nature? No. Will He continue to have
both the nature of God and man for all eternity? Yes. This shows that God operates in
sequential time through the creation just as we do. He lives and moves within His creation, not
outside of it like superstitious Greek Gnostics believed.
How God declares Himself in scripture is the only starting point in discerning scripture, His
character, the creation, and the nature of man. If you end up with an interpretation of text that
suggests something other than how God declares Himself then it's error. Always seek out His
character. It will be there for those who love the truth. God doesn't know the future. He
declares the future. There is a big difference between the two, whereas it results in And we
know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called
according to his purpose. Romans 8-28

God is everlasting though time, Part 2