Quiz on Greek Philosophers
1. Greek philosophy is based on
a. Religion
b. A belief in gender equality
c. Victory over the Romans
d. Observation and reason
2. “What is the greatest good?” is one of the questions posed by
a. Pericles
b. Socrates
c. Plato
d. Aristotle
3. The Socratic method is based on
a. Questioning
b. Challenging
c. Examining
d. All of the above
4. Many Athenians believed that Socrates was undermining
a. Tradition
b. Trade
c. The army
d. The Spartans
5. Plato developed a distrust of democracy after
a. The fall of Athens
b. The execution of Socrates
c. The French Revolution
d. The conquest of Persia
6. Plato believed that the ideal society could be created by the use of
a. Rational thought
b. The experience of the senses
c. Majority rules
d. Feelings
7. Plato believed that people were born equal
a. And that all people should have an equal say in government
b. And that women should have same rights as men
c. But their abilities determined their place in society
d. But that only soldiers had the abilities to be rulers
8. Plato believed that the ideal society would be ruled by
a. Anyone elected in a free and democratic election
b. Philosopher-kings
c. The strongest general in the Athenian army
d. The highest priest in the temple of Athena
9. Plato believed that the point of having a government was to
a. Equality of all people
b. Protect private property
c. Maintain the good will of the gods
d. Ensure order and justice
10. According to Aristotle, the best government could be established only in
a. Greece
b. City-states
c. Empires
d. Athens
11. Aristotle believed that even rulers should
a. Serve in the army
b. Farm
c. Be religious
d. Obey the laws
12. Modern constitutional government uses Aristotle’s belief in
a. The rule of law
b. The separation of powers
c. Natural rights
d. Majority rule