Marine Science Syllabus

Miami Beach Senior High School
Course Title: Marine Science 1
Instructor: Ms. S. Lombardo
(305) 532-4515 ext. 2237
Students in this course will acquire an understanding of key marine science concepts and ideas.
The students will be able to develop critical and creative problem solving skills that will prepare
them for future science studies.
Major Course Topics:
 Environmental Issues
 Introduction to marine animals
 Nature of water
 Theory of plate tectonics
 Marine Ecosystems
 Coastlines
 Waves and tides
 Ocean Currents
 Textbook: Life on an Ocean Planet, Current Publishing 2010
Classroom Materials:
Each student will bring to class:
 Composition book and a duo tang folder with prongs or a binder not shared with other
 Pencil, pen, and eraser
 Highlighter
 Ruler
 Colored pencils or crayons
 Calculator
 Paper
Science Fee:
 Every student enrolled in a science class must pay a science fee.
 Payable during school hours at the treasurer’s office
Grading Criteria:
 Tests will count as two credits.
 Quizzes, classwork, homework will count as one credit.
Classroom Rules:
Students are expected to follow all District and School rules. Specific classroom rules are posted
in the classroom. These rules include but not limited to:
 Show respect for your teacher and your classmates
 No chewing gum, eating, or drinking in class
 Use appropriate language
 Keep your hands to yourself
 Enter and leave the classroom in an orderly and timely fashion
 Respect school property including laboratory equipment
 Keep your desk and area around you clean
 Follow directions and stay on task
Procedure for Disruptive Students:
1. Verbal reprimand.
2. Change the student’s seat.
3. Student-teacher mini-conference
4. A phone call home (It will be documented)
5. Parent-teacher conference. (It will be documented)
6. Referral to the administration.
Students are expected to be in class every day. If you have an excused absence, it is your
responsibility to make up any missing work within 48 hours.
For information on progress reports, report cards and the school calendar, visit:
Please sign and return to Mrs. Lombardo
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