Marine Life Project

Marine Life Project
Through the various PowerPoint slides and Blue Planet episodes, you have been exposed to a
wide variety of marine life. Since we, as humans, have yet to study much of the expanse of the
open ocean, there is still much life out there yet to be discovered. This project will involve you
diving deeper into the understanding of any marine animal of your choice. The following
requirements must be met in order to receive full credit:
1. Create a Prezi/Poster Board/PowerPoint presentation that details the following
information about the marine animal of your choice:
a. Name of the animal
b. Location where it is commonly found
c. Role in the food chain/food web (i.e. what does it eat/what is it eaten by)
d. Its classification (fish/mammal/amphibian/plant/etc.)
e. Breeding habits (if known)
f. Pictures or video showing the animal
g. Any other interesting information about the animal
2. Present this information to the rest of the class in a 2 – 4 minute oral presentation
The presentations will take place during the week of February 3 – February 5. Each marine
animal will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. This project is worth 50 points and a
great opportunity to cement in place a good grade in the course.
**Note: No common or well-known marine animals will be allowed. This will be at the
discretion of Mr. Truax**