fourth nine weeks study guide

General Science 4th nine weeks study guide
What is the cell cycle A series of events that takes place in a
cell between its formation and division
What is mitosis The division of the nucleus
What is cytokinesis The division of the cytoplasm
What are gametes sex cells, the egg and sperm
What happens in prophase Nuclear envelop and nucleolus
disappear, centrioles move to opposite poles, spindle fibers
form, and chromatin condense to form chromosomes
What happens in metaphase The sister chromatids line up in
the middle
What happens in interphase The cells grows and DNA is
replicated, has three stages: G1, S, G2
what happens in anaphase The sister chromatids separate at
the centromere forming chromosomes again and they move to
the poles
What happens in telophase nuclear envelope and nucleolus
reappear, chromosomes relax and go into the chromatin stage,
spindle fibers disappear, and centrioles move back to position
by the nucleus
Who is the father of genetics Gregor Mendel
What does the mendelian law of inheritance state In every
organism there is a pair of factors that control the traits, during
gamete formation the pair of factors segregate from each
other, during fertilization the genes come together to form new
Know examples of mammals anything that is warm blooded,
has fur, and has young born alive
What type of cell does mitosis occur in Eukaryotic
What is the correct order of Linnaean classification system
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
Which kingdoms belong to the domain Eukarya Plant, Fungi,
animal, protist
How do bacteria reproduce Asexually through the process of
binary fission
What is chromatin relaxed stage of the DNA found during
What are punnett squares used for predict possible outcomes
of the offspring
How do amoebas move pseudopods “false feet”
What are the characteristics of the plant kingdom multicellular,
Eukaryotic, have cellulose in the cell walls, use photosynthesis
to make food
What are ways that pollination can occur help with wind,
insects, animals, wings on seeds, spurs on seeds
How many bases is a codon composed of three
What is a sister chromatid A double copy of a chromosome
that is attached by a centromere
What is a monohybrid cross
a cross using only one trait
What are characteristics of a conifer needle like leaves covered
in a cuticle, reproductive structure is a cone, and they do not
lose their leaves
What is another name of body cells somatic
What is the male part of the flower called it is called the
stamen: made up of a anther and filament
What is the main purpose of the petals to attract pollinators
What is a nucleotide composed of a phosphate group, a sugar,
and nitrogen bases
What is true about the kingdom fungi multicellular (except
yeast which is uni), eukaryotic, heterotroph, and secretes
enzymes then absorbs food
What is the G-0 stage the stage a cell enters when it is not
What are the Mendelian laws of inheritance called law of
segregation and the law of independent assortment
What is the female structure of a flower called it is called the
pistol: made of three parts the stigma, the style and the ovary
What is genetics the study of heredity
What is heredity the passing of traits from parent to offspring
What is the difference between heterozygous and homozygous
heterozygous is different Rr, homozygous is same rr or RR
What are examples of arthropods insects, lobsters, tick, spider
scorpion, centipeds and millipeds
What is an example of an amphibian frogs, salamanders, and
What is an allele a version of a trait, need two to represent a
How are sister chromatids connected with a centromere
What are examples of reptiles snakes, lizards, turtles, croc and
What is an ectotherm cold blooded , reptiles fish and
amphibians are all cold blooded
How are male and female genotypes represented male is XY
female is XX
What are the three groups of mammals Monotremes:
Marsupials: kangaroos, wallybes, opossum
Placental: humans, dogs, cats, mice apes
What is the difference between genotype and phenotype
genotype: who the traits are represented by letters
phenotype is the physical appearance what I see
What principle allows birds to fly Bernilli’s principal
How do birds soar they use the air current without having to
flap their wings
What is the correct order of the cell cycle Interphase, Mitosis,
What is a virus small pieces of genetic materials that are
covered in a protein coat
What is a daughter cell the end result of mitosis