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February 2014
Principal’s Message
Can you believe all the crazy weather we have been having? Hopefully the next few months have
better weather in store for us. Because we have been delayed or cancelled so much in the last few
weeks it has been difficult to stay on a schedule with instructional time, meetings and events. I
would like to thank all of the teachers and students for their hard work staying focused
throughout January. It is VERY important that when school is in session (even with a delay), that
your child is at school and ready to learn. Although delays shorten the school day, purposeful
and important instruction takes place.
Every student should have received their grade card from their teacher. I hope you have taken the
time to review grades and comments. Parent- Teacher Conferences are February 20th and 25th.
Please take the time to meet with your teacher and discuss how your child is performing each
Did You Know?
5th grade students at Sedalia will be in the “Battle of the Books” competition on February 25th.
The purpose of the competition is get students to read quality literature and answer inquiry based
questions. A list of 14 books was given to the students to read. Each week the team has gathered
to answer questions and discuss the books they have read. Ms. Bailey, Ms. Hazenfield and Mr.
Ferron have all donated their time to help organize and energize the team. The students were
expected to read all the books along with complete classroom assignments and homework. It has
been a great effort by the entire team and we are proud that they are representing Sedalia
Elementary and the Groveport Madison School District.
A message from ART!
What’s happening in the art room?!
So here’s an update on some artsy things that are going on at Sedalia! Kindergarten and 1st grade
are learning about Ohio artist, Jim Dine. They will be creating some “heart art” based on some
of his works. 2nd and 3rd grade looked at another Ohio artist, Charley Harper. 2nd grade students
are creating some bundled up penguins, while 3rd grade students are making some winter birds
using only shapes. 4th grade just learned (and celebrated) the Chinese New Year! They will be
creating Chinese scrolls that have an image of an animal of their choosing on it. 5th grade has
been working long and hard on some Keith Haring pop-art paintings. These should be finished
in the next couple weeks!
A couple of items needed in the art room:
- paper towel rolls (for 4th grade scrolls)
- any kind of plastic bottle caps
I have really enjoyed getting to know all the students this first semester, and can’t wait to keep
creating more art with them!
-Ms. Schomberg
More about MUSIC!
The winter has been full of rhythm in the music room. Each grade is always learning new songs
to sing, but a special focus this winter is studying rhythm in different ways. Please ask your
student what they’ve been up to lately in Music Class!
Kindergarten is learning how the musical beat can go fast and slow using Boomwhackers.
Boomwhackers are similar to hand bells, but since they are plastic you play them by whacking
them on the floor.
1st Grade is exploring rhythm using xylophones. Students have learned 3 different rhythm
values, and now they are using them to create short patterns with partners.
2nd Grade is learning how to write rhythm notation. They know 5 rhythm values and are
working on writing and performing music notes correctly.
3rd Grade is rocking out with bucket drums. Using drum sticks and 5 gallon buckets, they can
be heard throughout the school performing and creating short percussion compositions.
4th and 5th Grades are working on rhythm writing using music notation. They know almost 10
different rhythm notes. They are becoming experts at listening to a rhythm pattern, figuring out
which rhythm values they hear, and writing the pattern down using standard music notation.
Feb. 11th: PTO meeting @ 6:00 PM
Feb. 12th: Waiver Day- No School
Feb. 14th: Valentine’s Day Parties starting at 2:50
Feb. 14th: Year book orders due
Feb. 17th and 18th: No School
Feb. 20th and 25th: Parent- Teacher Conferences
Feb. 28th: Pennies for Patients last day

Feb. 2014 - Groveport Madison School District