Oferta przedmiotów dla studentów zagranicznych.
Field of study
Selected aspects of American culture
Course Code
Day studies: 3 + 3
Weekend studies: 3
Module Language
Day studies: 30 + 15
Weekend studies: 16
Goal of the module
developing all language skills + expanding
vocabulary related to the topics provided
learning to analyze and understand
phenomena, trends and problems of
contemporary USA
practising describing, comparing and
contrasting, expressing one’s views and
exchanging arguments
developing critical thinking, skills in
searching for sources and assessing them
Student in the area of
knowledge: explains selected phenomena
prevalent in American culture and understands
the importance of historical and cultural
processes in the making of American society,
knows the history of the USA, can characterize its
consecutive periods, enumerate key historical
events, phenomena and outstanding personages;
describes basic phenomena of the contemporary
cultural life and American institutions;
skills: independently searches for, analyzes,
selects and uses information, resorting to various
sources and methods in the English language;
participates actively in discussions in English
concerning diverse aspects of the history and
culture of the USA; independently prepares
written assignments in the English language,
providing argumentation, drawing conclusions
and using other authors’ ideas, can show causeand-effect sequence of the most important
historical processes;
competences (attitude):
Oferta przedmiotów dla studentów zagranicznych.
is interested in the social, cultural, political, and
economic phenomena present in the USA
Course content
The land: physical geography, cultural regions,
regionalism v. Americanization, the American
city; The people: immigration, minorities, the
Civil Rights Movement and Rev. Martin Luther
King, American Indians, American beliefs and
values; Public life and institutions: government,
political system, education, economy and
welfare; Society: family life, religion, the media,
culture and arts, contemporary political,
economic, and social issues.
Form and terms of examination
Continuous assessment, i.e. preparation and
active participation, oral presentations (2-3),
weekly quizzes (an average of at least 60%
required to pass), tests (3-4; each can be retaken once).
Day studies additionally: a 1000-word essay on a
selected topic + a written EXAM (end of term).
Education methods
Teacher’s lectures, guided discussions,
workshop, groupwork, individual oral
presentations, working with authentic written
and oral texts, vocabulary exercises, individual
work at home.
Diniejko, A. (2005) An Introduction to the
United States of America. Kraków: Egis.
Fiedler, E. and R. Jarsen. (1990) America
in Close-Up. Harlow: Longman.
Luedtke, L.S. (ed.) (1995) Making
America. The Society and Culture of the United
States. Washington, D.C.: United States
Information Agency.
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American Civilization. An Introduction. London
and New York: Routledge.
Campbell, N. and A. Kean. (1997)
American Cultural Studies. An Introduction to
American Culture. London and New York:
American Studies Newsletters /
American Studies Journals.
Class handouts and worksheets.
mgr Barbara Kijek
[email protected]
Module coordinator