Cape May Beach Patrol
Junior Lifeguard Program
In 1992 the Cape May Beach Patrol instituted a Junior Lifeguard Program. The
program is approved by the United States Lifesaving Association. The USLA is the
national governing body of open water safety in the United States. The primary purpose
of the USLA is to develop and promote the finest methods of lifesaving and to familiarize
the general public with the functions and services of lifeguard organizations. According
to New Jersey law all beachfront municipalities are required to have their beach patrols
certified by the USLA. The Junior Lifeguard Program’s intent is to educate the youth
(9 – 15 years of age) of Cape May on the rules of water safety. These rules include:
1. Learn to Swim
2. Never Swim Alone
3. Swim near a lifeguard
4. Obey the rules of the swimming area
5. Check water depth by jumping not diving
6. Watch out for rip tides and strong currents
7. If you get in trouble, call or wave for help
8. Report dangerous situations to the lifeguard
9. Get out of the water when you see lighting
10. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays
The Cape May Junior Program provides structured lessons and activities that help
to reinforce the above stated rules of water safety. These lessons are conducted by
qualified beach patrol instructors whose knowledge and experience help Junior
Lifeguards realize the importance of safe aquatic practices.
The Cape May Junior Program also teaches the various physical skills required
for qualification in open water lifeguarding. These skills require a certain degree of
athletic ability and constitute the foundation of a full functioning lifeguard.
2015 Information
Start Date: Tuesday July 2
End Date: Thursday July 30
Where: CMBP Headquarters, Grant Street and the Beach
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12pm
Cost: $100 (includes uniform and USLA membership)

Cape May Beach Patrol Junior Lifeguard Program