Junior Achievement Reflection

Junior Achievement Reflection
Junior Achievement has been a way to learn about our economic role in society. Before I
had the opportunity to participate in this program, I was never aware of the importance of
economics in students’ life. I really appreciate the experience the Junior Achievement program
gave me. The program has shown me the need for not only financial education in communities,
but the need for more people to give their time to the community.
I was a little nervous at first, but after a while everything just seemed to fall into place.
The program really helped me out by giving me more confidence and helping me speak in front
of a group of older students, even if they are still kids. The fact that the program has every
aspect of the lesson laid out for you, I make it easier to focus on the content, rather than
making an adequate lesson. I hope that in the future I will be able to do this program again,
even if it is me watching someone come in my future classroom. It was incredible to me to
observe the growth and skill development of the students during the few weeks I spent with
When received my placement my expectations where the kids would not be as involved
or receptive, however, the students were very enthusiastic and very inquisitive. By doing so, I
was able to enrich the lives of 24 fourth graders that may miss out on an important life
experience. Junior Achievement has exposed me to other way of teaching an getting my
students involved in
I am so grateful that my JA teacher was very flexible about me being in her classroom,
even though she was not my original assigned teacher. With schedules and unplanned life
events hindering me to do my lesson, she was willing to find the sun in the mist of the storm,
just so that I can take this experience with me. This shows me that not only does she believe in
the program but that she believes in me. Even though is quit challenging for me to do two
lesson in only 45 minutes, it taught me that some time I am going to have to combine lesson for
reason that are out of my control. I have learned that I want to hear each and every student’s
stories and idea but I can’t every time without running out of time.
In conclusion, the JA experience has been very rewarding. I have taken so much from
this experience. Not only was I able to teach a new concept to the students but I was able to
learn about the importance of community and economic development in the classroom. May
be one of my students will be that next Bill Gates, all because of the JA lessons I taught them
this semester.