William Bithoney, MD, FAAP

William Bithoney, MD, FAAP, FAANP
National Business Medical Leader, Truven Health Analytics
(Formerly the Healthcare Business of Thomson Reuters)
William Bithoney, MD, FAAP, FAANP, a board certified pediatrician currently serves as National Business
Medical Leader of Truven Health Analytics, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for
business and professionals. In his role as National Business Medical Leader, Dr. Bithoney is responsible
for Truven’s clinical decision support work with almost 4000 hospitals. He is also responsible for hospital
based clinical and administrative consultation concerning issues such as health care reform, bundled
payment, value based purchasing, population health management and ACOs. He is a seasoned
healthcare professional with over 25 years’ experience as a physician executive in diverse academic and
hospital systems. His areas of expertise include developing managed care strategies, academic
strategies, a self-sustaining cycle of continuous performance and quality improvement, utilization review,
utilization management, and research directions. Most recently Dr. Bithoney was president and CEO of
Bithoney and Associates consulting group providing consultative services aimed at assisting hospitals
and physician groups to develop their own Accountable Care Organizations and bundled payment
programs. Prior to that Dr. Bithoney served as President & Chief Executive Officer, Sisters of Providence
Health System (SPHS) and previously served as Chief Operating Officer & Chief Medical Officer at this
institution. He was also President and CEO Mercy Physicians, PC and directed its hospital's ACO
Dr. Bithoney has served as both Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Dean at NY Medical College as well as
physician in chief at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers, New York, NY and at Mercy Health System,
Philadelphia, PA. He spent 17 years on the full time professorial faculty at Boston Children’s
Hospital/Harvard University School of Medicine, as a Senior Associate in Medicine, Associate Professor
of Pediatrics and Chief of General Pediatrics Primary Care. Senior Associate in Medicine is the highest
clinical appointment available at Harvard.
Dr. Bithoney was trained in Biostatistics & Epidemiology at the Harvard University School of Public
Health, Boston and received his MD from Yale University School of Medicine. He has an undergraduate
degree, magna cum laude, from Harvard College.
In 2010 Dr. Bithoney and his team at SPHS received the award for the most outstanding innovation in
healthcare in the United States from the American College of Healthcare Executives for their work on an
Accountable Care Organization. Because of its successful ACO, SPHS went from chronically losing
money to becoming the most profitable community hospital (out of 64 hospitals) in Massachusetts in
2009. This in spite of being in the poorest city in Massachusetts.
In 2010 and again in 2011 Dr Bithoney and colleagues received further recognition when SPHS was
named one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the United States for quality and value by Cleverly and
Associates. This award is an imprimatur that a hospital is actively preparing to be ready for healthcare
reform, bundled payments and ACO networking.