Unit 5 Heredity DLT Quiz Study Guide

Unit 5 Heredity DLT Quiz #2 Study Guide
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1. A woman has type A blood (AA) which is a dominant blood type and a man has type B blood (BB)
which is also a dominant type. If they mate and produce offspring, what would be the genotype
of their offspring? The resulting blood type illustrates what type of inheritance?
2. Any gene located on a sex chromosome is considered to be what? If red eyes are dominant to
white eyes and found on the X chromosome, give all the possible genotypes and phenotypes
that are possible.
3. A blue flappy bird is crossed with a yellow flappy bird resulting in the offspring being green in
color. This means that the alleles for blue flappy birds and yellow flappy birds illustrate what
type of inheritance?
4. Beth inherited one allele for brown hair and one allele for blonde hair and has brown hair. Her
brother Ben inherited 2 alleles for blonde hair and has blonde hair. Based on these
characteristics blonde hair must be what type of trait?
5. In humans attached earlobes are recessive to unattached earlobes. What are the possible
genotypes for individuals with attached earlobes and unattached earlobes? Give the allele
combinations for each and the name of those combinations.
6. When chromosomes separate into gametes (sperm or egg) during meiosis, this is the result of
which of Mendel’s laws of inheritance?
7. A cross between a person with green eyes and a person with blue eyes results in a 25% chance
of offspring with blue eyes. What is the relationship between the alleles for green and blue
8. Individual #1 characteristics include: blue eyes, brown hair, widow’s peak, freckles, hitchhiker’s
Individual #2 characteristics include: no widow’s peak, freckles, normal thumb, black hair, and
blue eyes.
Which of these genes would most likely be considered linked genes and give a rationale for why
this would be the case?
9. Keisha passes a local dairy farm that has many brown cows, but only a few white cows. A
dominant allele produces brown hair in cows and a recessive allele produces white hair. What
characteristic of both cows can Keisha identify?
10. In humans, red-green colorblindness is a recessive sex-linked trait. What type of child could
NOT be born to these parents: a female (XBXb) and a male (XBY)?
11. Brown eyes are dominant to blue eyes and tall height is dominant to short height. If a brown
eyed short individual is crossed with a blue-eyed tall individual, what genotype would best
illustrate Mendel’s law of independent assortment? What would be the phenotype of this
12. A Holstein cow has black and white spots. The gene responsible for spots is homozygous
dominant. Black color in cows are dominant and white color in cows is also a dominant trait.
Since one half of each allele pair separate into each gamete produced, a Holstein cow would
most likely produce gametes with which allele combinations? (Hint: determine the genotype of
the cow and then FOIL)