Emotional and Financial Problems

Financial problems impact nearly every area of our lives.
When money gets tight, individuals and
families have to make decisions that are not always easy, and at times are hard for everyone to agree on.
If we are not careful, financial problems can lead to major problems in our lives that can affect our
relationships, our health, and nearly every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately for many people, financial
problems trigger emotional behaviors that only make matters worse. If you or your family is
experiencing financial issues try to avoid the following traps:
Using money or shopping as an emotional crutch
Gambling as a means of trying to get ahead
Making purchases on credit that will add to the debt
Alcohol and drugs as a means to forget your problems
Taking on the burden alone; include your spouse and family in the process
Impulse buying or buying items because they are a good “deal”
Putting off talking to people you owe money to- it only delays the process
Not using the money that you do have wisely
Letting money affect your self-esteem
Thinking only about money; enjoy what you do have
During difficult financial times one of the best things to help you to cope is a strong support system of
friends and family. The more you are involved in outside community groups and activities, the greater
the opportunities are for you to find comfort, support, and guidance when you are struggling. It is
important to surround yourself with people who can build your self-esteem and help to point you in the
right direction when you are struggling. Remember, even some of the wealthiest people went through
rough times before they made their fortune. Work to stay on track, and do not let financial problems ruin
your health.
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