Brochure 2015 Marino - Loreto Schools Network Ireland

Wednesday Evenings:
September 30th
October 7th
October 14th
Emotional and Relational Well-Being
in a School Environment
Marino Institute invites you to
join us for a series of three
talks designed to enable you to
enhance and develop the skills
needed to successfully build
positive relationships in a school
These talks are open to all
involved in education. Members of
the public are most welcome.
Contact: Sr. Anna Ryan or
Dr Denis Robinson
Phone: 01-8057783
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Workshop 1: Looking in the Mirror - enhancing self-awareness.
Presenter: Gretta O’Shea
Developing self–awareness is a great way of learning more about yourself and what you are capable
of. Through understanding your strengths and limitations, you open up opportunities that will allow
you to grow. Knowing yourself is a prerequisite to knowing and dealing with others.
The workshop will explore:
 Knowing myself – my values, beliefs, strengths, motivation etc.
 Getting to know your blind spots – what image am I presenting?
 The importance and influence of the emotions
 The emotional brain and the role of the Amydala
 Strategies for managing our response and triggers
 My own learning agenda- personal goals for improving and developing the skills.
Workshop 2: Walking the Talk-engaging in positive communication.
Presenter: TerryAlan
We all share a fundamental drive to communicate. Communication can be defined as the process of
understanding and sharing meaning. You share meaning in what you say and how you say it. Good
communication is an essential tool in building the bridge from me to you and so is essential in
fostering and maintaining strong working relationships.
The workshop will explore:
 Types of communication- verbal and non-verbal
 Communication styles – building confident assertiveness
 Role of perception
 Giving and receiving feedback
 Challenging conversations
 Strategies for improving effective communication
Workshop 3: Making the most of what matters - building
Presenter: AnneFitzpatrick
In this workshop, we explore how we can further develop and strengthen positive relationships in
school. We recognise the importance of nurturing effective working relationships with all our
colleagues. Building on the previous workshops the strategies and skills involved will be explored and
This workshop will explore:
 Working with others – the benefits and challenges
 Working as team and appreciating difference
 Developing empathy and trust
 Building positive relationships through active listening and exerting influence
 Strategies for managing conflict positively
 Self –care.
Cost: €10 per lecture / €25 for the series. Tea/Coffee at 7 pm followed by presentation and discussion 7:30 – 9pm
Venue: Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] for more details
Gretta O’Shea is a Masters graduate of TCD who taught for over 30 years at
Primary level and served as deputy principal for five years. She was
appointed an Assistant National Co-ordinator with the Leadership
Development for Schools Initiative and co-ordinated the Forbairt and
Tánaiste programmes for principals and deputy principals. She was also a
facilitator with the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)
and worked with Leadership and Planning team. She co- designed and
presented on the Person Module for the Post Graduate Diploma in
Educational Leadership (Toraíocht Programme) with NUI Maynooth. She has a particular
interest in the areas of personal development and building leadership capacity. She currently
lectures Education Studies students on Education Policy, Leadership and Management in
Marino College and also lectures on the course leading to an MA in Christian Leadership.
Terry Allen is from Dun Laoghaire in Co.Dublin and is an Educational
Management and Leadership Consultant. He holds a First Class Honours
Master’s Degree in Education (School Leadership, MU, 2004) and is also a
qualified Primary School Teacher with 34 years’ experience, 27 of which
have been as Administrative Principal. He is a part time Associate Tutor
with the Professional Development Service for Teachers developing and
delivering a comprehensive programme of training for those involved in
school management. He is also a presenter and tutor on the Post Graduate
Diploma in Educational Leadership (Toraiocht NUIM) for Aspirant School
Leaders. Terry also lectures on the Equality and Diversity Module as part of the Masters in
Education Programme in NUI Maynooth. He is a School Placement Tutor with Hibernia
College, Dublin, Mater Dei Institute of Education and Waterford Institute of Technology. His
focus is very much on quality delivery and engagement in his commitment to evoking
excellence in others.
Anne Fitzpatrick is a qualified Primary School Teacher with 34 years
teaching experience, 10 of these as a teaching principal and a further 10 as
an Administrative Principal in her current school in Navan. She is working
as a part time associate with the Professional Development Service for
Teachers designing and facilitating on their various leadership programmes.
She is also a facilitator and tutor for the Post Graduate Diploma in
Educational Leadership (Toraiocht) with NUI Maynooth . She has a
particular interest in promoting, developing and encouraging leadership.