Family ESOL - ESOL Scotland

Family ESOL
Falkirk Council CLD
• An ESOL course for any non-English
speaking parents and their children.
• Topics include – survival English, health,
the law, places to visit, schools and
education in Scotland, credit unions, drugs
awareness and input from other service
providers in the area plus anything the
parents ask for.
• First half, parents and children work
together. Some sessions involve delivery
by other agencies e.g. Countryside
rangers, Ghost Walk, Fire Brigade, etc.
Visits to places of local interest are also
• Second half the children have fun with one
tutor; e.g. arts and crafts, playground games.
Older children can get help with their homework.
• Parents work with another tutor in a mix of
• workshops and further language development.
• Actual content of sessions is decided through
discussion and negotiation with all participants
both parents and children.
• Crèche is provided for children too young to take
part in the group sessions