After Reading Lesson Plan (3)

Lesson Plan # 3
NAME Maggie McCarter
Grade Level: 8th grade
Time Allotted: 50 minutes
Topic of Lesson:
Biographies: Lucille Ball and her life
Purpose of Lesson:
The purpose of this lesson is to make sure my student has read or is still reading her biography
and to answer any questions the student may have about what she has read.
Content of Lesson:
This lesson is focused on Lucille Ball and her accomplishments. It will include what the student
has taken away from reading the biography and what they think are the most important events
and accomplishments that occurred within Lucille Ball’s life.
Objectives and Standards:
3.B.3a Produce documents that convey a clear understanding and interpretation of
ideas and information and display focus, organization, elaboration and coherence.
1.C.3d Summarize and make generalizations from content and relate them to the
purpose of the material.
1. The students will finish, (if not already completed), their “L” part in the KWL chart.
2. Share what each student has learned through their book. They will also discuss whether
their questions were answered throughout their text.
3. The student will make up with a criterion to come up with an award to honor Lucille
4. The student will be given colored construction paper and will create the award for
Lucille Ball, (They will use marker, crayons, etc. to create this on the construction paper).
5. As a group, we will share the awards with each other.
6. The teacher will ask the student if they know what an obituary is and to describe it to
the teacher.
7. The teacher will go over sample obituaries from other famous people.
8. The student will be asked to create an obituary on Lucille Ball.
9. Each student will share with the group the obituary they created.
Instructional Resources/Materials:
Sample obituaries
Colored construction paper.
KWL charts
Notebook paper for obituaries
This lesson will assess what the student learned from reading her biography on Lucille Ball. It
will assess the knowledge the student obtained from the book in a creative way by making an
award of the accomplishments she read about and creating an obituary based on their life.
Plan B:
Watch video clips of Lucille Ball
Discuss whether they are happy they picked this biography