Post Test Answer Key

POST TEST answer key
Answer the following questions:
1.- What is density? The relationship between mass and volume for a given substance.
2.-Why do scientists use density to identify different substances? Because every substance has
a different density.
3.- What is the mass of 10 cubic centimeters of water ? 10 g
4.- Ice will float in water, what does this tell you about density of ice? Ice is less dense than
water so it will float.
5.- Less dense materials float on more dense materials . Oil , syrup and water are liquids with
different density .What happen when we pour all together in any order? They take a position
in the container depending on their density.
6.- Different liquids and solids have:
a) the same density
b) a different density
c)a density of 1 gram per cubic centimeter
7.- To determine the volume of a liquid you could use:
a) a graduated cylinder
b) a balance scale
c) a beaker
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8.- To find the density of a solid you must know:
a)size and shape
b) size and volume
c) mass and volume
9.- To calculate the volume of a solid with definite shape, you should use:
a) pulley
b) spring scale
c) ruler
10.- When a metal rod is cut in half , the density of each half
a) is double
b) is cut in half
c) remains the same
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