We will be looking at two kinds of chromatography. These are:
______________________ and _____________________
Chromatography is: An analytical technique that separates
components in a mixture
How does Chromatography work?
Chromatography works via two phases: The M_______ Phase and the
For each kind of chromatography you will have to state the phases.
Mobile Phase
Stationary Phase
Column Chromatography
Use the diagrams below to explain how it works:
How it works:
Three chemicals that can be used as the stationary phase:
What is an eluent?
Use of column chromatography:
Advantages of column chromatography:
Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography is used to separate volatile compounds (usually gases
but can be liquids) in a mixture.
Use the diagram above to briefly describe how it works:
A value called the R__________ TIME is calculated via the chromatogram. The
area under each peak is proportional to the amount of compound in the
sample. More polar compounds run through the column slower so have a
higher retention time.
Use of GC:
Advantages of GC:
Combining techniques- GC-MS
What can GC do that MS cannot?
What can MS do that GC cannot?