Journalism Mrs. Tassey Marking Period 5 Project 1 A Fitting Good

Mrs. Tassey
Marking Period 5
Project 1
A Fitting Good-Bye
Your task: Research a famous public figure or fictional character and compile a biography on
him or her. You must have at least four different, cited references. Include dates of birth,
parents’ names, spouses, children, jobs, places lived, accomplishments, awards, prison time—
anything and everything of significance in your figure’s life. If you choose a fictional character,
you get to make up many—if not most—of these things. Have fun with that; be creative; but be
true to your character’s actual persona. For example, Lennie in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and
Men would not be a member of Mensa. He might, however, have volunteered at his local
Humane Society.
Using the facts as they exist in real life OR, if the figure is still alive in real life or the end of the
fictional work, write an obituary of approximately 500 words detailing the life, date and manner
of death, survivors and plans for the funeral or memorial service.
Finally, craft a fitting eulogy for your figure that you will deliver at the funeral/memorial service.
Use the sample eulogies as your model. Follow these guidelines and preview rubrics for both:
Study a different obituary in the NY Times every day this week and OUTLINE each
for a “Do Now.” Use your analysis of these outlines to write a 500 word obituary
for your figure.
Locate a fitting graphic (or create a collage of images) of your figure to serve as
the background for your eulogy and save to a flash drive or attach to an e-mail to
Find or create a sound track for your speech.
Decide on a tone for your speech and select words and material accordingly.
Write a speech four to five minutes in length.
Focus on special qualities your figure possessed, remarkable accomplishments
and important relationships in his or her life.
Include at least one personal anecdote.
Include at least one humorous story or joke.
Plan on dressing for a funeral on the day you are to deliver your eulogy.