Eulogy of a cartoon character speech

Eulogy of a Cartoon Character
Imagine the horror of your friend who happens to be a cartoon character, suddenly passing
away! You have been asked by the family to deliver the eulogy at the funeral service.
The speech must have the following in any order:
Time limit: 1 1/2 to 2 minutes long
1. Biographical information-family members (mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, husband,
and kids)
2. Life history-what did they do for a living, what were they well known for
(employment-wise) and did they make the news for anything they may have done
3. Personality-describe it as you knew them
4. Personal story-how did you meet them? Or what did you do with this person? Or what
do you know about them that maybe others do not know? (it can be humorous, but
5. How are they going to be missed?
6. What did you learn from this person? What one thing would you like to try to be like
them in (for example helped others)?
Rough draft due: __________________
Final draft will be turn in with speech.
Speeches will be due: ____________________
When giving your speech, remember that you are at a funeral and that this is a solemn
occasion. There should not be joking around.
You must have a visual aide that you reference to during the speech.
Rough draft 25%
Presentation 75%
Visual aide
Avoids the use of pauses, ums, ahs, ands, and other forms of these words
Appropriate Gestures
Eye contact
Approximately 3 minutes