Biodiversity Project 2015

Biodiversity Project 2015
1. Create a case to preserve biodiversity ( 5 points )
2. Distinguish between background extinction and mass extinction of species ( 4 points )
3. Discuss and give examples for each of the following anthropogenic causes of loss of biodiversity:
a. Habitat destruction / fragmentation / degradation
b. Invasive species
c. Pollution
d. Overexploitation ( 8 points )
4. Explain endangered, threatened and extinct and give examples for each ( 6 points )
5. Explain and give examples of the following:
a. Ecotourism
b. Debt-for-nature swap
c. Role of zoos in species preservation
d. Role of seed banks in species preservation
e. Role of specific conservation organizations in species preservation ( 10 Points )
6. Describe the following conservation laws and give specific examples of each in action
a. Endangered Species Act
b. Habitat conservation plans
d. Habitat restoration ( 8 points )
7. Select one endangered species found at the Cleveland Public Zoo
a. Watch the organism for a minimum of 15 minutes and describe the organism from these
b. List characteristics of organism
c. What are the reasons it has become endangered
d. Provide your own original photograph of the organism
e. How many remain in the wild, and how many in captivity
f. What is the long range outlook for this organism? ( 12 points )