Biodiversity -

National 5 – Life on Earth - Biodiversity
Match the following terms with their description:
Community, consumer, decomposer, biome, ecosystem, food chain, food web,
habitat, niche, population, predator, prey, producer, biodiversity
Place where an organism lives
Natural biological unit made up of living and non-living parts
Group of living organisms of one type
All of the populations of plants, animals and micro-organisms that
live together in an ecosystem
Micro-organism that obtains its energy by breaking down dead
organic material
Animal that hunts other animals for its food supply
Relationship starting with a green plant followed by a series of
animals, each of which feeds on the previous one
Green plant that makes food by photosynthesis
General name for an organism unable to photosynthesise and
dependent on a ready-made food supply
Complex relationship composed of several inter-related food chains
Animal that is hunted by other animals
The role an organism plays within its community.
The term used to describe the variety of life on earth.
A region of the world that has a similar climate and similar plant
and animal species present. E.g. A desert or a rainforest.