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The Changing Nation Study Guide
1. What was one result of the Spanish-American War? __Spain gave Puerto Rico, the Pilippines,a nd
Guam to the US_____________________________________________________________
2. U.S. colonel George Custer led his men to the Black Hills and ___Custer and his men found gold_____
3. How did George Washington Carver improve the lives of poor southern farmers? ___He taught them to
grow crops such as peanuts, pecans, and sweet potatoes instead of cotton._____________
4. Who won the Battle of the Little Bighorn? __Native Americans ________________________
5. Who built and flew the first successful airplane? __The Wright Brothers________________________
6. __George Washington Carver_______________________ used his knowledge of science to conduct
experiments with peanuts to create many common household products.
7. Which of these became U.S. territories after the Spanish-American war? __Puerto Rico, Guam, the
8. The government tried to assimilate the Indians by __not allowing them to have religious
9. How did the Wright Brothers making the first successful airplane flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North
Carolina impact America? ___It showed America that flying was possible, and it allowed people to fly
long distances._________________
10. What did Theodore Roosevelt do to expand America’s role in the world? _He convinced Panama to
allow the U.S. to Build the Panama Canal.______________________________________
11. Who invented the telephone? ____Alexander Graham Bell ____________________________
12. What did Congress promise the Plains Indians in order to convince them to move onto reservations?
___The reservations would remain Indian land.______________________________________
13. Who led the Union Army at the Battle of the Little Bighorn? ___General Custer_________________
14. What did President William McKinley do to expand America’s role in the world? _Asked Congress to
declare war on Spain which allowed US to gain new territories._________________________
15. Who perfected the light bulb? ___Thomas Edison__________________________________________
16. Which of these events led Congress to declare war on Spain? __The U.S. Navy ship Maine exploded in
the Havana Harbor___________________________________________________________________
17. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal link? ___Atlantic and Pacific Ocean__________
18. Where are Panama and the Panama Canal? ___Between South America and Costa Rica_____
19. After Alexander Graham Bell’s invention how did the way that people communicate change? __from
the telegraph to the telephone__________________________________________________
20. Why was the telephone useful? ___It made communication easier and
21. Where did government officials want the Plains Indians to move?
22. A piece of land the government set aside for Native Americans is called a
23. _The Battle of Little Bighorn_____________________________________ is an example of how Native
Americans fought efforts to move them to reservations.
24. Why did the U.S. soldiers and Indians fight? _The soldiers wanted the Indians to live on reservations.
The Indians did not want to do this.__________________________________________
25. What caused the Battle of Little Bighorn? _Custer and his soldiers tried to force the Indians onto a
reservation and the Indians wouldn’t go because the land was sacred to them._______________
26. How did inventions change people’s lives? ___They could do more work in less
27. Why didn’t the Lakota and Cheyenne Indian tribes want Custer and his men to search for gold at the
Black Hills? _____The land was sacred to them__________________________________
28. Which invention made it possible for factories and shops to stay open at night? _light bulb_____
29. What did the government do under its policy of assimilation?
Forced Native Americans to give up religious practices
Forced Native Americans to change the way they dressed.
Forced Native Americans to give up their native language and learn to speak English
30. What did Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the Buffalo Soldiers help do? __win the Battle of
San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War__________________________________