Extracurricular Activity Policy

Extracurricular Activity Policy
To encourage opportunities for students to experience the benefits that participation in
sports, arts, cultural and community activities brings.
Policy Statement
1. This policy covers all extracurricular activities.
2. Participation in extracurricular activities is supported by the school's values; leading
and connected educational practice; through their relationships with their teachers
and peers and their sense of belonging to Christchurch Boys’ High School, can aspire
to achieve higher things; and support academic success through sporting, cultural
and social pursuits that enhance the character and quality of our fine young men.
3. The School will provide and resource a range of sport, art and cultural activities.
4. Extracurricular activities will be organised and carried out in a fair manner that
encourages the student to challenge and improve himself and perform to the best of
his ability in an environment that supports participation at all levels of ability and
5. Those students and staff involved in extracurricular activities are deemed to be
under the jurisdiction of the school and therefore all policies and procedures relating
to the expectations of the school apply in relation to conduct, brand use and
Monitoring of Compliance
The Board monitors the implementation and effectiveness of this policy through the
Headmaster’s reports to the Board. Policies and supporting procedures are reviewed on a
regular cycle to ensure compliance by the Board’s Audit Committee.
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Board of Trustees
November 2015
June 2016