Mr. Pittman World History Ch 8 High and Late Middle Ages 1050

Mr. Pittman World History
Ch 8 High and Late Middle Ages 1050 – 1450
Name__________________________ Pd___
1. ___________________ is based on custom and court rulings.
2. Pope Gregory banned _______________ in order to strengthen the power of the
3. The _____________was part of Queen Isabella’s effort to rid Spain of Jews,
Muslims and heretics.
4. ______________ used reason to support Christian beliefs.
5. Dante wrote the The Divine Comedy in the _________ rather than in Latin.
6. The ____________ of manuscripts was often done by monks.
7. ______________ tried unsuccessfully to conquer Italy.
8. Rival popes caused a _______________ in the Church.
9. The devout French monarch, _________________ improved royal government.
10. The detailed decoration of medieval books, or _______________, depicted scenes
of towns, castles, and people.
11. ______________ was the monarch of England that signed the Magna Carta.
12. An _______________ is an outbreak of a rapid-spreading disease, such as the
Black Death.
13. The practice of ___________________________ allowed a monarch or other person
outside the Church to appoint bishops.
14. When writers started producing literature in the High Middle Ages, they used
_____________________ or everyday language of ordinary people.
15. _________________ was the series of wars between the Christians and the
Muslims for control of Middle Eastern lands.
Frederick Barbarossa
habeas corpus
King Louis IX
Common Law
inquisition lay investiture
Reconquista King John
Geoffrey Chaucer
16. How did the monarchs of England and France consolidate their power?
17. Why were the Holy Roman emperors unsuccessful in unifying their empire?
18. How did the Crusades affect the economy and outlook of Europeans?
19. How did changing economic and social conditions lead to the emergence of
universities and to new kinds of philosophy and literature?
20. Where did the plague start and how it spread?
21. How did the plague get to Europe?
22. What were three new weapons for war and how do you think they changed
23. How did the plague and the 100 years war cause major changes in Europe?