Study Guide Feudal System/Black Death Chapter 12

World History Study Guide
Feudal System/Middle Ages/ Black Death
 The Crusades were Holy wars between Christians and Muslims.
 The Turks held control of Jerusalem at the beginning of the Crusades.
 The Muslims held control of Jerusalem when the Crusades ended.
 The Crusades broadened Europeans view of the world and encouraged trade.
 The garbage and mud in the streets helped spread disease in medieval cities.
 A manor is a large estate often including a village and farmlands ruled by a lord.
 Feudalism is a political and military system based on the holding of land.
 The lands belonging to a medieval lord is known as a manor.
 A Serf is a poor farm worker who was bound to the land.
 Pope Urban II stirred Europeans to action. He did so by telling them that Christians in
the holy land were in danger.
 Christian crusaders fought to win Jerusalem from the Muslims.
 The Muslim leader was Saladin.
 By the end of the Crusades, the Muslims controlled all of the holy land.
 People got the disease known as the Black Death from fleas.
 The plague killed many Europeans in the Middle Ages.
 The plague enters Europe from Asia spread by rats.
 The plague caused 25 million deaths throughout Europe.
 Superstition and fear spread in Europe, and the Jews were blamed.
 Many Christians in Europe made a pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem.
 Saladin and Richard agreed on a 5 year truce.
 The Christian leader was Richard.
 A Crusade is any of the military journeys taken by Christians to win the holy land from
the Muslims.
 Lords had power over the Serfs that worked for them.