Study questions: Human Populations Why was the agricultural

Study questions: Human Populations
1. Why was the agricultural revolution important to human population growth
2. Why the industrial revolution?
3. Green revolution?
4. Approximately when did those happen?
5. When did human population reach about 1 billion and really start growing
6. What was the rate of population growth when it was at a peak?
7. What is it now?
8. What is happening to population growth rates globally?
9. How is it different in more and less developed countries?
10. What are some social and environmental factors that affect fertility rates and
population growth rates?
11. Does migration (eg. Immigration) play a role? Give an example
12. What is TFR and RLF (with respect to fertility rates)
13. What are density dependent vrs. Density independent factors?
14. What is the carrying capacity?
15. What is the intrinsic rate of population growth (unlimited exponential
16. Be able to explain what happens as populations growing at an exponential
rate approach their carrying capacity
17. Be able to interpret age structure diagrams and distinguish high growth from
stable and declining populations
18. What did Thailand do to address their population explosion? How did it
19. What are some of India’s main problems?
20. What are some of Japan’s main problems?
21. Be able to describe how a disease like AIDS has affected Kenya, both ocially
and economically
22. What are the two main reproductive strategies (K and r selected); be able to
describe them and give examples of organisms in each.