EUH supplemental application materials

Emory University Hospital
PGY1/PGY2 Pharmacy Residency Supplemental Application Materials
Please complete the following questions and submit via PhORCAS.
Your application will not be considered complete without the supplemental application.
1. A PGY1or PGY2 residency enables pharmacists to gain skills sets and knowledge
beyond those provided by a doctor of pharmacy program. Besides increasing
disease state and pharmacotherapy knowledge, what are three specific goals you
have for yourself that you hope to achieve through a residency at Emory?
2. Everyone has mentors that help develop them as not only practitioners, but
professionals. Describe a pharmacist you have worked with who you see as a role
model for excellent pharmacy practice.
3. Unfortunately, the profession of pharmacy is faced with a number of challenges, both
internally and externally. What do you feel is the biggest problem confronting the
practice of pharmacy today?
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