Chemistry Groupwork - Types of Reactions

Chemistry Homework – Moles
1. How many moles are there in 1.2 x
atoms of sulfur?
2. How many atoms are there in 3.4 moles of carbon dioxide?
3. How many particles are there in 5.00 moles of gallium?
4. If I have 4.50 moles of argon gas, how many atoms would this be?
5. If I had 3.5 x 1048 molecules of iron, how many moles would this be?
6. If aliens abducted Mr. Nelson and wished to clone 2.4 moles of him, how many Mr. Nelson’s
would there be?
7. If the acceptable level of radiation was 2.0 moles of uranium in one liter of atmosphere, and a
measurement was taken that found there was 8.145 x 10 34 atoms of uranium in a sample, would
this be within the acceptable range? How many moles are there present in the sample?