Construction in progress project process flow

Marquette University
CIP Project Process Flow Document
1. Departments initiate requests for capital expenditure.
2. Budget Office receives capital project proposal request which includes account setup
form, a detailed scope, and cash flow by month. If the project was approved in the
capital budget (and therefore approved by the board), Budget will forward the request to
the Comptroller staff.
3. If proposal was not approved/included in the capital budget, the budget request must
contain Senior Management written approval and funding source(s). If approval is not
included in the request, the Budget Office will return the request and notify the Vice
President of Finance.
4. Budget Office forwards approved capital project detail to Comptroller’s Office who
reviews and prepares project analysis to determine capital vs. operating expense, as well
as any environmental liability costs (FIN 47) included within the project budget. After
review, Comptroller’s Office returns project analysis to Budget Office for
communication to project owner(s).
5. For projects $25,000 or greater, Comptroller’s Office assigns a CIP account in the
general ledger and forwards to the Budget Office, who notifies departments of the CIP
account number. Costs are then recorded to the project as incurred.
6. The Budget Office confirms with the respective project managers that projects are
complete. A list of completed projects to capitalize is provided to the Comptroller’s
7. Budget Office removes any remaining budget dollars for completed projects.
8. Upon receipt of the list of completed projects from the Budget Office, the Comptroller’s
Office prepares an updated CIP summary, and forwards it to respective project owners
for status updates.
9. Project owners must review CIP summary and reply back to Comptroller’s Office within
two weeks of receiving the report and provide status updates including:
o If completed, date of completion,
o If not completed, % complete, estimated date(s) of, an updated cash flow, and
other useful information about open projects.
10. Once a project is complete, project managers must initiate capitalization process by
completing an electronic sign-off form and submitting to Comptroller’s Office (see
Proj cap sign-off
11. If the following criteria have been met and project owner has not yet initiated the
capitalization process, Comptroller’s Office will initiate process and notify all parties
(project owner and Budget Office):
o no invoices have been charged to project during prior 3 months
o open project is deemed to be 90% complete or more
o asset(s) has been in service for 3 months or longer
At such point, project owner must identify/quantify any remaining invoices to be
accrued to project and communicate this information to Comptroller’s Office.
Any subsequent invoices not identified prior to capitalization will be treated as
operating expense.