School Uniform policy 2015 - 2016

School Uniform Policy
Mayplace Primary School
‘Igniting the Spark of Learning’
Reviewed: March 2015
Review Date: March 2017
School Uniform Policy
The head teacher and governing body of Mayplace Primary School believes that a school
uniform is important in building the pupils’ sense of identity and belonging to the community
of the school. It instils a sense of pride in the school and supports positive behaviour. It is
one of the symbols of the ethos of the school and protects children from social pressures
whatever their race, religion, gender or background.
There are other advantages to having a school uniform which are important to the head
teacher and governing body such as security; a uniform enables pupils to be identified
Uniform List
White polo shirt.
Grey jogging bottoms.
Red cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo. Iron-on badges can be purchased from
the school office for £1.50.
Socks, tights and shoes – see below.
Grey shorts
Red summer dress
Mid grey pinafore dress, skirt, shorts or trousers. No belts are to be worn.
White polo shirt.
Red cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo. Iron-on badges can be purchased from
the school office for £1.50.
Red and white check/striped summer dress. Dresses in house colours can be worn
on Fridays.
Plain white socks
Grey or red tights
Black or red shoes with low heels and no diamante decoration. No boots above the
ankle or ballet pumps.
● Mid grey shorts or trousers. No belts are to be worn.
● White polo shirt.
● Red sweatshirt with school logo. Iron-on badges can be purchased from the school
office for £1.50.
● Plain black or grey socks.
● Black shoes. No boots above the ankle.
Mayplace Primary School
School Uniform Policy 2016/16
P.E Kit
● Red or black track suit
● Red shorts
● White T-shirt with red trim
● White socks
● Black plimsolls for indoor P.E. Plain black trainers for outdoor P.E.
● Plimsolls with elastic sides rather than laces are more suitable for children in the
Children may wear polo shirts in their house colour on Fridays, for house assemblies and
sports events.
Everything a child wears needs to be marked with her/his name, most especially plimsolls
and jumpers. Staff and children will not wear earrings during P.E. lessons.
Uniform Shop
The Mayplace P.T.A operates a uniform shop which is open on Monday from 8:30am until
9:15am. The full uniform, sweatshirts printed with the school logo, house shirts and PE kits
can be purchased.
Additional Information
Shoes should be sensible, sturdy and suitable for school. Unless a child can manage laces
by themselves, these should be slip on with elastic or Velcro fastenings. Trainers, high
heels, boots or flip-flops may not be worn.
In the interests of safety, no jewellery – chains, bracelets, rings or decorative ear rings may
be worn in school. Small, plain stud earrings for pierced ears are acceptable, but must be
removed during PE lessons.
As space is limited in the cloakrooms please bring your child’s P.E. kit to school in a red
drawstring bag. These are available from the Mayplace P.T.A shop.
Swimming: Girls require a one piece swimming costume and towel. Boys require swimming
trunks and not shorts and a towel. Swimming goggles may be worn if allowed by the
swimming pool/instructor.
Nail polish and acrylic/gel nails may not be worn to school.
Hair ribbons and slides must be minimal and functional and red, white, black or grey. Long
hair must be tied back at all times. Dyed hair, including streaks, is not acceptable.
No extreme hair styles or styles that have patterns shaved into them are appropriate for
Articles of faith that have been agreed with the school can be worn.
Mayplace Primary School
School Uniform Policy 2016/16
Accessibility to School Uniform
The head teacher and governing body recognises the need to ensure that the uniform is
affordable and will work to ensure schemes such as good as new sales are in place and well
publicised. The school will also ensure that parents or carers where necessary know about
any schemes that can provide school clothing grants or other help towards the cost of school
clothing. If any parents/carers are experiencing hardship, please contact the school office in
the strictest confidence.
The head teacher and governing body recognise their responsibilities under the Sex
Discrimination Act 1975, Human Rights Act 1998, and Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and
their obligations to accommodate reasonable religious requirements within the official school
uniform and thus ensure that it is not discriminatory on the grounds of race, religion, gender
and culture.
The head teacher and governing body will insist that the school is considerate and discreet
when trying to establish why a pupil is not adhering to the school’s uniform policy. The
school will work with parents and carers to find acceptable solutions that will help the pupil
adhere to the uniform policy.
All staff have a duty to challenge non-adherence to the uniform policy.
In the first instance the parent will be contacted by phone or in person and the child provided
with spare uniform. After that a meeting will be called with the head teacher.
Mayplace Primary School
School Uniform Policy 2016/16
Signed:……………………..……….. S Hamilton, Head Teacher
Signed:……………………………….. C Rust, Chair of Governors
Mayplace Primary School
School Uniform Policy 2016/16